Situationist International #1 - review of the American section of the S.I.

simple cover with "Situationist International" in blue letters and the numeral 1.

Sole issue of the journal of the American section of the Situationist International, published June 1969.

Mail: P.O. Box 419, Cooper Station, New York N.Y. 10003

Editorial Committee: Robert Chasse, Bruce Elwell, Jonathan Horelick, Tony Verlaan.

Anticopyright: texts may be used accordingly


  • Faces of Recuperation
  • Certain Extraordinary Considerations Contributing to the Understanding of the Devolution of Capitalism and Bureaucratization of Existence - Chasse
  • Territorial Management - Debord
  • And Population Control

The Practice of Theory:

  • The Situationist International
  • Council for the Liberation of Daily Life
  • Our Game in May
  • May-June
  • Some of the Graffiti
  • Cohn-Bendit as Representation
  • Faithful Dissimulation
  • Epitaph to Bookchinism
  • The Who's Who of the Ministars of the Minispectacle (selected listing)
  • Opposition Falsified
  • And Opposition Rediscovered

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