Solidarity Journal #20 Spring 1989

Issue of Solidarity: a journal of libertarian socialism from spring 1989 with articles about the decline of the nuclear disarmament movement, the failure of socialist parties in power, the failure of left-wing newspaper News on Sunday and more.

Submitted by Steven. on June 18, 2013


  • The Impracticable In Practice (Lack of socialist opposition to Conservative rule) - A K Barnard
  • Anti-Nuke Movements Falter as West Cheats on Missile Treaty - Paul Anderson
  • Dilemma Saps European Peace Movement - Bruce Allen
  • Book Reviews: Andy Weir reviews 3 books on mainstream newspapers The Independent, News On Sunday and Today.
  • Book Review: Anthony Wright's "Socialisms: Why Socialists Disagree and What They Disagree About" - Nick Terdre
  • Letter: Tim Francis on China article in issue 18.
  • Howard Moss: Correcting some of Ian Bone's claims about voting figures in the interview from issue 13.