Solidarity Journal #25/26 Autumn 1990

Double issue of the London Solidarity Journal from the 1980s-90s. Topics include USA's attack on an Iranian airliner, Hungary and White Lion Free School.

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest Archive.

Submitted by Fozzie on November 26, 2021


  • US downing of Iranian Airbus A300 in 1988: Truth the First Casualty of Government - Milan Rai
  • Hungary: From People's Republic to Republic in the name of the People - Bob Dent
  • Libertarian Education: White Lion Free School - Graham Wade
  • Book Reviews: Colin Ward's "The Child In the Country" , "The Allotment, Its Landscape and Culture" and "Undermining The Central Line" - Peter Marshall
  • Book Reviews: Noam Chomsky's "The Chomsky Reader" and "Manufacturing Consent" - Milan Rai
  • Book Review: David Goodway's "For Anarchism" - John Quail
  • Letter: John Caldwell writes on the review of his book on Guy Aldred in issue 22.
  • Letter: Cajo Brendel writes on the review of Lenin's "What is to be done?" in issue 21
  • Letter: Keith Flett writes on issue 22