Solidarity with Striking Dublin Deliveroo workers

This week has seen strike action throughout Dublin in the middle of a pandemic by Deliveroo workers. The workers, who have enough of being treated so badly, are asking Deliveroo for better working conditions, security, delivery fees & value standards. A member of the Industrial Workers of the World did the following interview with one Deliveroo striker to find out more and how people can effectively support their actions.

Submitted by R Totale on February 2, 2021

Taking industrial action is a huge step for workers at any time, what made Deliveroo Drivers decide to go for strike action at this stage?

We are striking because Deliveroo decreases the amounts paid for delivery, we are staying more time on the road to "make money". We have to face long journeys to receive less money.

No priority for vehicle, Deliveroo company gave priority for people that work with motorcycle and car. They get journey that people works with bike can do, and we stay on the road waiting for delivery (too many hours) while others are working and getting more and more orders (Motorcycles and cars).

Some change for our security, we are facing attacks from teenagers everyday, they try to steal, and hurt us. It's not a good situation.

What are the key demands that need to be addressed for drivers?

- A minimum fees 4,00 per delivery

- Security

- No priority for vehicle

What has support been like for workers since deciding to go public?

Deliveroo never heard us, every year they change something, like prices, priority for motor vehicles, and long distances for bicycles. In my opinion Deliveroo needs to listen to us, because it was never done

Have you received much support from the wider trade union movement?

No, not that I know.

We're are in the middle of a pandemic has that affected support and solidarity from the public?

Some people did sympathize with us. But not many people. Deliveroo also didn’t give us a thanks or anything

What can the public and workers generally do help assist Deliveroo Drivers on strike at this time?

Support us on social Media like facebook, instagram, twitter show for everyone about our demands until Deliveroo hear us.

We have some people that work with deliveroo and show their life on social media @entragadoresnairlanda @pedalandonairlanda @vidadeentregador on instagram, people can see some things about our hard life working with delivery in Ireland