Sorry plod, I really do not give a damn

A police federation report highlights the absolutely disgusting working conditions that the police had to endure during the riots earlier this year.

Submitted by working class … on December 7, 2011

The Police Federation, the staff association for police officers has published a long winded report into how police officers coped during the riots earlier this year. The report is based on the views of 8,500 officers who participated in a study.

I have no sympathy for the police whatsoever, but I am sure that some of them faced a hard time. I was expecting to hear tales of them being ‘frozen with fear’ or receiving nasty injuries, or working twenty four hour shifts.

I was wrong. Their biggest complaint was that they did not like the sandwiches they were given. The fillings had a limited shelf life, and they had been exposed to food poisoning. One officer complained of poor choice, and added, “By the time you get around to eating Tuna, Chicken or Egg, they have been lying round a warm van for hours”. They should try living in the real world. Everyone else has to buy their fucking own!

They also complained that, their batons broke too easily when used (presumably on someone’s head), their shields were not good enough, their helmets steamed up, and they had to spend long periods of time watching Sky TV in their vans.

Some officers complained of working thirty days straight, and had to sleep on custody mattresses, in mice infested police stations. Mice infested police stations are ok for people in custody then? They were also annoyed that bosses did not show any consideration to their domestic arrangements. They did not mention their massive overtime payments.

I cannot remember the last time I had a job in which I was given free food, sat round watching television all day, and got paid double time. They have been treated shockingly, my heart pumps purple piss!!



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Submitted by Ernestine on December 8, 2011

I give a damn. The more police are pissed off with being asked to defend the indefensible under stupid orders the less likely they are to want to beat people up for protesting. I can hate what they stand for without writing them all off totally as individuals. What the police federation writes is not necessarily what the average copper thinks, is it? I expect a lot of people will think I'm being too soft, but would you blame every squaddie for the waging of war? People can change with experience.


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Submitted by Arbeiten on December 8, 2011

Yes Ernestine, I hink your being soft ;-). I think most cops love hitting people....


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Submitted by communal_pie on December 9, 2011

I think it would be a different story if we had the cops on strike, but as they aren't and seeing as, on the whole, they are still going around enforcing the shit out of intensively anti-worker, racist and insane laws that are deeply, deeply destructive to the working-class we can't just say "oh how my heart bleeds", that's a negation of reality!