SOS CEPI Sudoeste - School Community Struggles Against Oppression in Goiás

Submitted by Baderneiro Miseravel on June 11, 2019

Students, parents and community call from help from the international community and Human Rights Organizations. Since the day 15 of May when a paralisation was organized by a group of Invisible students without leaders, the 'suspected organizers' have been harassed, interrogated, bullied and even been subject to police persecution without any proof of ill doing save maybe participating in a peaceful protest against the cuts in education budget. This has been ocurring in the Colégio Estadual de Período Integral (CEPI) Sudoeste, located in the Sudoeste Sector in Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil.

A few students have been unawlfully expeled and their parents are struggling to get them back in the school, since it isn't easy to get a spot for your child in public education in Brazil and in Goiás. Teachers have been subject of censorship, being prohibited of giving subjects such as Machiavel, Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke because it 'was getting the students agitated'. Another was dismissed because she questioned the censorship and arbitrary firing of her colleague. Today (11/06) and tomorrow, the students have decided to welcome back their fellow students who have been unlawfully expelled no matter what the management of the school says. They ask for help to stop the harassment, intimidation and persecution against their fair right to protest and fight for a better education!

For the last few weeks there has been an ongoing movement in Brazil about the pensions reform and austerity in education. These students were trying to participate in the movement.In this school, there has been a movement with the participation of students and support of teachers and parents. Usually, each working segment mobilizes separately.