Spanish police batter protesting students

Students in Valencia undertake an anti-police brutality demonstration the day after the police attack a peaceful protest against education cuts. Following crippling austerity measures, Spanish schools and colleges can no longer afford "luxuries" such as gas or electricity.

Submitted by working class … on February 24, 2012

In Valencia, thousands of students have marched to protest against police brutality. The previous day, the police arrested twenty five people and injured four, during a demonstration against cuts in education.

Spending cuts in education have now started to bit following the government’s austerity measures. A local student stated that, “The heating is turned off, there is no water, no gas, or electricity, and we have to make photocopies at home”.

Film footage and photographs has emerged that show numerous examples of police brutality. The local police chief, Antonio Moreno, claimed the force used on peaceful protesters to be “proportional," stating, “Greater aggression requires a proportionate response.” This has caused outrage among students and their parents.

The anti-police brutality event has been attended by an estimated 5,000 students, who marched through Valencia, past the police station, before occupying a square and holding a rally.