Statement concerning S., comrade who is in a life-threatening condition following the Sainte-Soline protest

3 communiqués about S., a comrade whose life is at risk following the demonstration in Sainte-Soline
“In response to the window of possibility that the movement against the pension reform has opened, the police are mutilating people and even trying to assassinate people in order to prevent an uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world.
Nothing will weaken our determination to put an end to their reign.”

Submitted by Guerre de Classe on March 27, 2023


On Saturday the 25th of March at Sainte-Soline, our comrade S. was hit in the head by an explosive grenade during the protest against the giant retention basins. Despite his critical condition, the prefecture deliberately prevented the emergency services from intervening at first, and from transporting him to a special care unit in a second phase. He is currently in a neurosurgical intensive care. He is still in a critical condition.

The massive outbreak of violence that the protesters have gone through led to hundreds of wounded, and many of them suffered serious physical injuries, as we can read in the various reports available. The 30 000 protesters came with the aim to block the construction site of the Sainte-Soline giant retention basin, which is a water-appropriation project defended by a minority for the benefit of a capitalist model that has nothing more to defend other than death. The violence of the armed wing of the democratic State illustrates it vividly.

In the sequence initiated by the movement against the pension reform, the police mutilates and tries to assassinate to prevent the uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world. Nothing will dampen our determination to put an end to their reign. On Tuesday March the 28th and on the following days, let’s strengthen the strikes and the blockades, let’s take the streets, for S. and all the wounded and the imprisoned of our movements.

Long live the revolution.
Comrades of S.

PS: If you have any information concerning the circumstances of the injuries inflicted to S., contact us at: [email protected]

We wish that this statement can be spread as massively as possible.


jef costello

1 year 2 months ago

Submitted by jef costello on March 27, 2023

There is also a call for witnesses about another attack.

Sébastien, a railway mechanic and member of SUD was blinded in one eye after being hit with an anti-crowd grenade (is there a better term for this?)

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1 year 2 months ago

Submitted by Steven. on March 27, 2023

I think flash bang grenade is the standard English term.
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What I recommend is using a simple online HTML like this (, then just pasting in the HTML code. Apologies about the inconvenience