Strikers demanding a 28% pay rise cripple Argentine subway

The subway system in Buenos Aires has been shut down for a full week by 2500 strikers demanding a 28% pay rise.

Submitted by working class … on August 10, 2012

Responsibility for the subway system is being disputed. The Argentine government are attempting to force control and responsibility of the system onto the city council, which in turn are refusing to accept responsibility until funds have been provided for an upgrade.

Consequently it appears that no one is prepared to negotiate with the strikers.

A trade union leader has stated that:

“We demand the start of salary negotiations. We have been waiting over five days. There will be no subway for a very long time unless we receive a fast and target response”.

Despite a strike lasting a full week, no one from the government has made contact with the union in question.

The subway is around 40 miles long and links the capital city with many densely populated suburbs. On a week day – over 1 million people would use it. The population of Buenos Aires is 3 million, but during working hours it grows to around 6 million.

Hundreds of extra buses are being provided, but they are barely making an impact on the number of people looking for transport.