Strikes and protests in China

Photo by syyanwu

Bus drivers have been on strike, while the death of a blogger prompted protests and a taxi drivers protest in Hubei proviince.

Submitted by Mike Harman on January 27, 2008

A protest against a landfill site which is expanding into urban areas in Tianmen, Hubei province led to violence as protestors were attacked by Chengguang (City Management Officers).

Wei Wenhua, filming the incident from his car on his mobile phone was targeted and killed by the Chengguang during the incident.

As many as ten thousand people attended his funeral, and 200 taxi drivers went on strike, protesting in front of the city offices.

Since 11 January, bus drivers at Shiyan city bus company have been on strike, with heavy snow fall this has shut down most traffic in the prefuctural city.