Tides of Flame

Seattle-based anarchist newspaper that published regularly throughout 2011-2012, covering stories such as the rise and fall of the Occupy movement, resistance to gentrification, the longshore workers' strike and the grand jury targeting local anarchists. Originally hosted at tidesofflame.wordpress.com.

Submitted by R Totale on April 8, 2019

"Tides of Flame [was] a biweekly periodical which is part of an ongoing project of anarchist analysis and practice within the Puget Sound area. As anarchists, we do not have an interest in waiting for the necessary moments to act upon our ideas. We refuse to simply dream of some far-off utopia. At any moment, an individual is capable of agitating within existing struggles and attacking capitalism and the state for their immediate destruction. We strive to live fulfilling lives of joy and freedom, and for this, we are criminals. Long live anarchy."

"Who will revive the violent whirlpools of flame if not us and those that we consider brothers? Come! New friends: this will please you.We will never work, oh tides of flame! This world will explode." ~-A. Rimbaud