Turkey bans strikes by aviation workers

Over 300 aviation workers have been sacked via text message by the Turkish government for attempting to resist plans that will ban workers from taking industrial action.

Submitted by working class … on August 1, 2012

Aviation workers in Turkey are under attack. The Turkish government has banned all industrial action by aviation workers, and has sacked over 300 workers who dared to challenge the decision via text messages, emails, and telephone calls.

The government is hell bent on smashing trade unionism, and has announced that it intends of filing a lawsuit against the trade union (Hava-is).

A spokesperson for Hava-is said that:

“For us this is a question of all or nothing. We will either win or be smashed. There is no other option as we have no intention of becoming a non-functioning union”.

As part of an international transport workers global federation global campaign calling for the reinstatement of the sacked workers, UNITE the union rank and file members are planning a series of solidarity at UK airports, and at the Turkish embassy in London.

Hava-is has provided a factsheet that gives background and context to the dispute.