TV Times - 3 - 9 May 2008

1998 Nairbi bomb
1998 Nairbi bomb

This week's pick provides a detailed account of the terrorist activity which presaged the September 11 attacks.

Submitted by Lone Wolf on May 2, 2008

Other politically slanted programmes investigate concepts of sexual normalcy, erosion of civil liberties in the UK and the undiluted focus of Christian fundamentalists in the US.

Monday 5 May - 11pm - 12 midnight - BBC2 - Am I Normal? - Sex
Dr. Tanya Byron, a clinical psychologist, investigates norms of sexual behaviour, asking why our current society judges some expressions of desire as dangerous and others as merely eccentric. Byron meets practitioners of dogging and cottaging and argues that if all like activity involves consenting adults only society is not likely to be damaged by this. However, after going on to interview both the editor of "Loaded" magazine and a shrewd and pragmatic sex-shop owner, the programme strays into highly dubious waters by showing an interview with a paedophile who is given the airtime to argue that some sex with underage children should be made legal.

Pick of the Week :rb:
Tuesday 6 May - 9 - 10pm - BBC2 - Age of Terror - 4/4 - War on the West
In the final part of his critically acclaimed series on major terrorist attacks in recent decades, Peter Taylor investigates Osama Bin Laden's chosen method of declaring war on the west - the 1998 truck bomb explosion outside the US Embassy in Nairobi which killed over 200 people and injured thousands. As well as moving testimony from survivors, the film includes a revealing interview with an FBI agent who tracked down and questioned a suspected al-Qaeda bomber. What is even more revealing is the interview with former US Ambassador to Kenya, Prudence Bushnell, who, knowing that the Nairobi embassy was seen as the seat of US power in Africa and was therefore vulnerable, says her warnings were ignored by her government. "It was a message that we chose not to listen to because we were tone-deaf to terrorism at the time."

Tuesday 6 May - 11.05pm - 12.05am - Channel 4 - Jesus Camp
This documentary follows the work of an evangelical group in America that is seeking to indoctrinate children into becoming fundamentalist Christians.

Tuesday 6 May - 10pm - 12.10am - More4 - Taking Liberties
Despite its liberal perspective, this documentary provides a useful and fairly detailed account of how civil liberties have been eroded across British life during New Labour's "war on terrorism".