TV Times 7-13 April 2007

This week's political TV highlights, including Bertolucci's The Dreamers.

Submitted by Lone Wolf on April 7, 2007

In a similarly politically light weeks viewing as Christmas only one fresh programme of interest is being aired -on the abortion debate in the US Deep South - so I have also selected three films of some relevance which you may enjoy again or appreciate seeing for the first time.

Sun 8 April - 11pm - 1.10am - More4 - The Dreamers
For those who have yet to see this, this tale of a US students entanglement with a Parisian brother and sister set against the backdrop of '68 provides an insight into the effects of introspection and self-absorption on the major events of the day.

Pick of the Week :rb:
Wed 11 April - 10.30 - 11.40pm - More4 - Travels With My Camera
Miranda Sawyer explores the debate over abortion in America's Bible Belt including a visit to the one remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

Thu 12 April - 9 -10.50pm - Channel 4 - Longford
Worth missing if you didn't catch this earlier in the year - Jim Broadbent excels as the liberal and somewhat naive Catholic peer who campaigned for Myra Hindley to be parolled.

Fri 13 April - 9 -11.20 pm - TCM - Cool Hand Luke
This 1967 classic prison drama stars Paul Newman as the eponymous Luke, a free spirit who shows his determination to not have his spirit crushed by the remorseless and brutal regime. Highly recommended by our Jack!