TV Times 7-13 October

Welcome to Class War's weekly TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. This week we can look forward to George Bush being shot (although sadly not for real) as well as price-fixing, dodgy new Labour lawyers and “justice” in the former Yugoslavia.

Submitted by CWF on October 6, 2006

Sun 8 Oct 10.15pm BCC1 – Panorama. The rise of and fall of Mr Tessa Jowell – dodgy lawyer David Mills, and his curious relationship with Silvio Berlusconi.

Mon 9 Oct 8pm Ch4 – Dispatches: Britain’s Mental Health Scandal. The lack of resources, overworked staff and sexual assaults that are a reality in the UK’s psychiatric wards.

9pm More4- Death of a President. Yes, at last the drama that shows George W Bush being assassinated. Will it live up to the fuss?

10pm BBC2 – The Great Plane Robbery. Price-fixing in the airline industry.

Tues 10 Oct 8.30pm BBC4 – My Dad Was A Communist. Marxist influences in the 20th century.

9.50pm BBC2 – This World. The Israelis and Iranians facing off....

Weds 11 Oct 11.40pm BBC1 – Hunt For Justice. A film about the struggle to bring Slobodan Milosevic to trial for crimes against humanity. Can we expect a similar film about George W Bush any day now?

Fri 13 Oct 10pm Artsworld – Sympathy For the Devil. Two stories from Jean Luc-Goddard on 60s counterculture.