Shelagh Fogarty - breakfast scab

Fogarty scab
Fogarty scab

Starting strikebreaking early in the day, Radio 5 co-anchor Shelagh Fogarty scabbed on her colleagues during the 2005 BBC strike.

Submitted by Steven. on April 13, 2005

At 7am on the day of the strike against 4,000 job cuts, Shelagh Fogarty, co-anchor of the 5 Live breakfast show, came on live, though without her sidekick Nicky Campbell.

Accidentally or deliberately, she didn't give herself a name-check, a strategy foiled by the sports reporter, Alistair Bruce-Ball, who cheerfully said "Thanks, Shelagh" as she handed over to him.

The Radio 5 Live breakfast presenter broke ranks with most colleagues on station.