Glances of soft, grey flesh… - Che Guevara

My English translation from the original of Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries where he describes an encounter with a dolphin. This passage has not been included in English translations of the text.

The dome sketch - omen

A three part comedy sketch very loosely inspired by the TV show Under the Dome.

The adventures of Comrade Appleton and Anarchy

A series of short comics inspired by the antics of a peculiarly persistent individualist who plagued the libcom forums for a while (who was mostly confined to this mammoth thread.) As a bonus, two other comics about a similarly minded individual are included.



Cursory notes by spitzenprodukte on the evolution of a memetic non-demand.

Libcommunity Christmas cards

Greetings cards for a full communist Christmas.

Top ten music videos of 2010

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2010.


A beautiful poem, here preserved for posterity, by two unknown renegades.

A communist encounter with the anti-authoritarian warrior society

Several decades after the global libertarian communist revolution, a worker-delegate travels to the rewilded former Canada to carry out a humanitarian mandate...

libcommunity image gallery

libcommunity images, pictures, doctored photos, etc. These images are offensive and should not be seen by anyone.

"Greedy bankers": a facebook argument preserved for posterity

WSM posters, Dublin

By popular demand, a facebook argument over the pictured posters.