TV Times - 9 - 15 June 2007

Dalit woman
Dalit woman

Highlights this week include a Storyville documentary on Nazi humour and a look at the hugely contrasting diets of rich and poor in the booming Chinese and Indian economies.

Submitted by Lone Wolf on June 8, 2007

This weeks programming also includes further insights into extraordinary rendition, an expose of corrupt arms trade between the Saudis and the British and a hopefully shame-inducing exercise in highlighting the extent of the hygiene problem in British hospitals.

Sat 9 June - 9.10 - 10.10pm - BBC4 - Laughing with Hitler
This Storyville documentary examines the history of the Third Reich using archive material depicting jokes told both within the regime and outside it.

[b]Pick of the Week :rb: [/b]
Sun 10 June - 7.30 - 8.30pm - BBC2 - Cooking in the Danger Zone - 4/5 - Superpower Food
This programme looks at the effect of the booming economies in India and China and how divisions between rich and poor are being increased and exacerbated, looking at the divisions in what people eat. After sampling the alleged delights of a Bejing penis restaurant, the presenter struggles to shake off his minders in order to talk to a poverty-stricken farmer and in India he joins the "untouchables" as they subsist on rat before visiting a higher caste army employed to keep them suppressed.

Mon 11 June - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - Dispatches: Kidnapped to Order
The Dispatches team present new evidence that could confirm the fiercely denied reports of the secret CIA detention programme in which detainees are kidnapped and then flown across the world to be tortured by American allies in hidden locations i.e. extraordinary rendition.

Mon 11 June - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama - Princes, Planes and Pay-offs
This edition investigates large-scale corruption involving the sale of arms worth billions of pounds between the Saudis and Britain.

Tue 12 June - 9 -10pm - BBC3 - Filthy Rich and Homeless - 4/4
In this final episode, the five wealthy volunteers return to their usual day to day lives and attempt to reconcile their recent traumatic experiences with their usual privileged lifestyles.

Wed 13 June - 7 - 8pm - BBC2 - A Dirty Weekend in Hospital
In this stuntist documentary Tim Samuels along with 100 MRSA victims and their relatives visit ten hospitals on a cleaning spree to investigate the extent of the hygiene problem in British hospitals. Mr. Samuels visits an abbatoir that boasts higher hygiene standards than many hospitals and also attempts to take swabs from Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.