Two Weeks of the Russian Invasion: A Short Overview on Radical Civil Resistance

Burn burn brightly!

Almost two weeks of carpet devastation of Ukrainian cities by rocket and bomb strikes does not go unanswered by the Russian people. On March 7, a warning about possible threat of arson on administrative buildings was already circulated in work chats of the police in Moscow and the Moscow region. See new survey from the anarchist newsletter Assembly in destroyed frontline Kharkiv; to donate them for the restoration of local social fabric please visit this page.

Submitted by Thunderbird on March 9, 2022

War is coming to the Russian streets too. During the pro-Ukrainian rally on February 28, a car with the inscriptions “This is war”, “Putin is scum” and “People, get up” rammed a police cordon on Pushkin square in Moscow and caught fire after the collision. The vehicle was quickly surrounded by snowplows, the driver was arrested, his name is not yet known. In general, the security forces are clearly hiding information about this incident, only fragmentary information has become public - for example, this short video. There is also very little information about the 22-year-old student Anastasia Levashova detained for attack on the cops with an incendiary cocktail at anti-war protest in the Moscow downtown three days before. But that was only the beginning!

On the night of March 1, two guys 17 and 18 y/o tried to set fire to a police station in Smolensk. A fire broke out from the Molotov cocktail, they were captured. According to official media, the reason for the arson was "the increased destructive impact of Ukrainian intelligence on the Russian information space": they allegedly "received an offer to commit a crime from a friend who motivated this by easy earning of 60,000 rubles". On the published video, the detainees gave the testimony as needed to the security forces, the torture methods of obtaining which are not secret.

On the night of March 3, in Voronezh, an unknown one threw an inflammable mixture into the window of the military recruitment office. No one was not arrested. "I painted the gate in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and wrote: 'I'm not going to kill my brothers!', after which I climbed over the fence, doused the facade with gasoline, broke the windows and sent Molotov cocktails into them," the person who did it anonymously said. The purpose of the arson was to destroy the archive with the personal files of conscripts. This should prevent mobilization in the district. See video from him.

Also in Moscow, a 36-year-old local resident threw two Molotovs towards the Kremlin wall and scattered leaflets against the war. Now he is arrested under Article 213 of the Criminal Code - "hooliganism". The name of this brave man is unknown.

24-year-old bartender Zakhar Tatuyko was arrested in St. Petersburg. According to investigators, at an anti-war rally, he sprayed pepper ballon in the face of cop, and not ordinary, but the commander of a special regiment! We do not know whether Zakhar really committed it, but the step itself certainly deserves admiration. The source is here.

It should be noted that the Russian media are reluctant to tell about such anti-state subversive acts. They are rightly feared that the example may become contagious. It is possible that in fact there have been more attacks in recent days but information about it has not received any publicity at all. The editors of the Assembly, at the very beginning of the war, called on solidary Russian comrades to take security measures during street actions and avoid unnecessary risks.

In addition, you can read our material on the economic collapse in Ukraine, during the first week of the agression lost half of the GDP, and what is happening due to this with employment.

Particularly, should be noted the situation in the southern seaside city of Mariupol, surrounded by the Putler army, whose bombings have already resulted in the hundreds civilian victims. After the week of siege that caused desperate humanitarian disaster, on the evening of March 5 the population looted one of the largest shopping centers Port City. On this video you can see mass taking out food, clothes, household appliances, jewelry, etc. "Here they are, local patriots. Everyone is satisfied", says the voice-over.

According to the mayor of Kherson, under Russian occupation, some residents there are also robbing supermarkets and malls. In this regard, the official addressed the owners: "The city is ready to take control over the distribution of your products. We guarantee that they will get to where they are now very much expected - to hospitals, orphanages, pensioners, the needy, large families, social categories, etc. We will do this in an organized manner and responsibly, you can be sure of that." Our previous report about the similar affairs in occupied Melitopol you could see here.

No war but the social war!