UPD Student Council Resolution on the Diliman Commune

A historical resolution passed by a student council drafted during a student uprising in the Diliman Commune. The Diliman Commune was a student uprising against the Marcos administration.

Submitted by kasama_libsoc on February 11, 2020

Resolution Commending the Revolutionary Courage of the Heroic Defenders of the Diliman Commune Against the Fascist State and its Campus Collaborators

WHEREAS, the UP Student Council has expressed solidarity with the Filipino people in their valiant struggle against the American imperialist oil cartel and its local bureaucrat-capitalist allies;

WHEREAS ,The UPSC has endorsed the barricade as a form of protest against such evils;

WHEREAS, the UPSC vehemently condemns the the fascist-puppet State and its campus agents for employing brutally sadistic methods in suppressing legitimate dissent;

WHEREAS, the UPSC salutes the militant resistance put up by the broad United Front of progressive students, faculty members, non-academic workers, and campus residents who resolutely struggled to defend and liberate the University;

BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the UPSC commend the revolutionary courage of the heroic defenders of the Diliman Commune against the fascist State and its campus collaborators:

  • Freshman scholar Pastor R. Mesina, Jr. (posthumously) for unflinchingly raising high the people's defiant barricade against exploitation and oppression;

  • Danito Delfin, Glenn Garcia, Reynldo Bello and the scores of others who were wounded as they fearlessly clashed with the State's fascist brutes;
  • The revolutionary fighters of Narra, Molave, Yakal, and Ipil for their persevering vigilance in manning the barricades;
  • The liberated women of Kamia, Sampaguita, Ilang-Ilang, Makibaka, and SKUP for their frontline resitance and their diligent performance of auxiliary tasks;
  • The dauntless campus residents, notably those from Balara and Krus na Ligas, who organized commando strike forces against assorted infiltrators;
  • The audacious fratmen for their remarkable display of fraternal concern and unity with the struggling Filipino masses;
  • The progressive faculty members, especially those with the Samahan ng mga Guro sa Pamantasan ng Pilipinas (SAGUPA) and the Samahan ng Makabayang Siyentipiko (SMS) for their selfless contribution of intellectual and technical skills which proved invaluable in the political, military, and cultural aspects of the struggle;
  • The committed student journalists from IMC and thir comrades from PSIA for handling the controls of DZUP as the Free Radio of the Democratic Commune of Diliman;
  • The militant writers who published Bandilang Pula and other publications for projecting the democratic aspirations of the Diliman Commune;
  • The Medicine, Nursing, Hygeine, and SAMP students who demonstrated their partisanship with the Filipino masses by rendering first-aid and medical assistance to the beleaguered communards;
  • Links with the studentry and the peasantry in valiantly aiding the defense of the Diliman Commune;
  • The mass of heretofore unorganized but politicized and disciplined students who formed the AS Rooftop Junta and manned other strategic outposts;
  • The Samahan ng mga Makabayang Mag-aaral ng Batas (SMMB) and other progressive lawyers for their valuable legal aid, and
  • All others who actively participated in the establishment of the Diliman Commune as a symbol of the Filipino people's unrelenting struggle against U.S. imperialism, domestic feudalism, bureaucrat-capitalism, ans well as their firm determination to build a National Democratic Society on the debris of the past.

Approved unanimously...

(sgd.) Ericson M. Baculinao, Chairman;
(sgd.) June C. Pagaduan, Secretary;
sponsor: Herminio B. Caloma, Jr., Councilor, Arts and Sciences.

February 13, 1971

Reproduced from "A Commune Like Any Other" by Manuel L. Quezon III.