Vanya Bonecrusher in his own words

Ivan “Vanya Bonecrusher” Khutorskoy was shot in Moscow by an unknown nazi assassin on the 16th of November 2009. This interview with him (where he uses a pseudonym) was published on the website on the 29th of September this year. Take the time to read it in order to know about this man and his ideas, share it with your friends and translate it.

Submitted by S2W on November 25, 2009

Talking about nothing

It's 4 a.m. we are... on the air with radio "Modern" and we have a live guest from our series "talking about nothing", the estemed cultural worker, the modest Christophorovich Kostopravov. So... the first question is...

I [emcee]: How did you get into punk? How did it allbegin?

K: It began a good while ago. In the begining of 1994 or so. I was 11 and my cousin was 9. It seems, we were such small boys, but we decided, that we have nothing in commong with our peers, 'cause we had different interests. We listened to other music, thought differently. We made a decision. We asked ourselves: what subculture is better for us? And we chose punk. Of course, we had almost no idea about what it was exactly and even if we had, it was limitted. We were just children, you know. But over time influenced by older folks, we began to get more info. One of them is beyond the veil, the other one made has left the scene. He has a family and child. They were giving us different records. The first records we got couldn't be called punk. It was the common circuit: Sektor Gaza, Krasnaya Plesen'. All that fucking shit. Our real exposure to punk-rock took place in 1995-1996-1997, I think. The first foreign groups, which we heard were Sex Pistols, Exploited, NoFX, Offspring, Ramones and Clash. It was the first punk groups, I guess. And the russian ones... It's a pity that at that timet there was the lousy compilation "Punk revolution" put out by the Hard Rock Corporation (KTR) label which we all hated. Greetings to Pauk btw (laughing). There was nothing else, no other albums. And at that moment on this compilation you could hear Distemper, Naiv, Tarakany, Purgen. Bands, which are against fascism, nationalism, racism. But nevertheless, due to these foreign bands, we began to listen to the albums of russian groups: Distemper, Naiv, Tarakany, Purgen... Mavzoley also. Then in 1997 I went to my first punk-concerts. It was Sektor Gaza, it was Purgen and Grazhdanskaya Oborona (G.O.) These were the first 3 concerts... In 1998 it was more often...

I: And what was your family's opinion about that?

K: Well, they didn't understandwhat was happening at first. Oh, come now! Such a guy, he does so well in school. And yet such an informal appearance. At first they didn't understand anything. But as I was moving further into adulthood, getting more info, I began to explain to them, what it wast. Over time everything was straightened out. My mother met many people from other cities and groups. She fell in love with ska, before it she loved jazz. She doesn't like hardcore. But sometimes she can listen to pop-punk. My father also didn't get it early on, but then calmed down. My grandma was against mohawks, the cap on my head and all sorts of pins. "I won't go on the bus with you!" This was the case in the beginning, but then everything was fine. I gave them the possibility to hear my explanation and to read about it.
In 1999 a book appeared, the punk-encyclopedia by Oleg Bocharov, the first publication was big, A4 , with a green cover with Exploited's skull on. There was quite a lot of information about punk, hardcore, ska and oi groups. At that time internet wasn't really accessible , and if it was then it was only for the chosen few and for megabucks, but from that book we bagan to get information and also started buying cassettes. At that time they were spread by Piggimot-records, those blue cassettes with the pig snout. They put out cassettes with Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ramones, NoFX, Exploited, GBH and so on and so forth. Then in 1999-2000, I began to go to ska-punk concerts. And that was the time when everything began. That was when I formed my antifascist positiom. In that moment.. at that point in time everything took place in that way, the ska-punk scene was small: Distemper, Shlyuz, Klopy, Spitfire - nothing more, 300-400 people were going to the concerts, among them 15-20 footbal fans, who were rigthist of course, dammit! Most of them over the years landed jobs in cool firms, such us Gladiators, Union, etc. And these 20 people shouted different nazi-slogans and could scare everyone else. They came around in a circle and beat up everyone who got involved. Or their girlfriends provoked fights. This was how, for example, Gruzin (bass guitarist of the band"Smeh") was beaten. But he forgot about it and began to play with such (some rightist or slippery) groups. It seems, he had a short memory. For sure, we couldn't put up with it. It was necessarily to act. So, we, punks, about 5-7 people, began to fight with these fans. Oh, they hated us because of it. In the Moscow punk movement of the time we were their archenemies.

I: I.e. Was this the formation of the first mob?

K: Yes, it was. But , of course, it didn't take part in actions or other events. The struggle was only at concerts. People went over and provoked fights. Sometimes we defended someone or they provoked us. For example, they would send a girl over, or someone who was smaller, called us names or pushed us and the whole mob would support this. Many incidents took place in "Tochka" [Moscow club "Point"], when the venue was at the old location. There I and my friend, an arm wrestling pro, more heavyset than I,.. well, we clocked 2 fans. Really overstuffed muscleheads... Well, then they took revenge on us. We were attacked by 10-15 people with chairs. How we managed not to have anything broken, how we escaped, I don't know. But I had a light brain concussion. One thing that had a lot of impact on the situation was going to the club "Estakada". I went to cocerts there from 2000 to 2004. My friend and I hated it to death. You ask me why? First of all it's a cop's club. There's a police station nearby.. Chief of police plays ball with the club, a third of the money is handed over to cops. The second reason is that it's a gopnik area. (Gopnik refers to a subculture characterised with sport clothes, short haircut, aggression and petty crime, in some areas of the xUSSR even mainstream. a bit similar to the British "chav" – translator.) Everyone, who was there, knows about the troubles in this area. Begining with gopniks and ending with boneheads. Not just in the club, but outside as well we would run after these gopniks and bones and bash them. We were few in number. There was one incidentit was in 2003 I think. We got on a trolley bus. I don't remember after what concert. We were attacked by 30 loopy-ass motherfuckers with weapons: chains and clubs. Among us there were 5 punks and 2 CSKA footbal hooligans.. We answered them, 7 in number as we were. They shat in their pants. We got so much loot. But sometimes we were beaten outside this club too. And by members of the club aswell. This scum-security, which bashed not only common concert goers, but also musiciants in WC. They kicked out those who tried to stagedive. It was very hard. Of course it goaded us. We couldn't put up with it and we started to boycott this place. But others I know were notso principled. They continued to got over there.

I: All of these times were more about growing up punk. How did get into the to skinhead subculutre and particularly to the RASH movement?

K: In the begining of 2004 I understood that, unfortunately, the punk movement was on a downward path in Moscow, in many ways. At that time I knew quite a bit about skinheads, read a lot. I already had internet acess, had a chance to read info online. Essentially, we already started to make some actions then . We wanted to find the contacts of Moscow SHARP and RASH.We knew, that they were here, but we couldn't find them in real life. In march of 2004 I became straight edge, shaved my head and began to wear clothes according to skinhead style. At that point it was closer to NY-skinhead-style.

I: Tell me, how did you become sXe?

K: After deep reflection. I rethought everything. I saw how many punks I knew died from alcoholism and drugs. I have one crew in Pervomayskaya. Around the group Toksicheskoe Nashestvie. They played with Purgen at the end of 90's and begining of 2000's. So, half of them are under the daisies. Some because of heroin o.d's. Some were drunk when they took heroin. Some commited suicide. It couldn't be lived with. And the skinhead movement, the skinhead subculture was more reliable. It has clearer ideas and skinheads were more clear-headed. Without such a "I don't give a fuck kinda guy" position. In principle, it suited for me. Btw, I didn't lose the best possible things from punk. And I became sXe, well, I thought several months, found out my mistakes. I never used drugs, I blew smoke only. Synthetic drugs I forbid myself at once. And alcohol... I recalled the troubles I had been in. Rethought everything, and step by step I became sXe. Besides at first I didn't call myself so. That came later... And the RASH movement... In the first place I brought in all the ideas from punk. I was attracted by the leftist views of skinheads. In particular anarchism . Though we often meet SHARPs and cooperate with them. But we had our own political and social views.

I: When did the mob form?

K: The first one which began to take part in actions in Moscow was in 2000. Our mob formed in the autumn of 2004. There were all subcultures: hardcore, punks, SHARP, RASH, trads, footbal hooligans. Everyone gets on well with each other. We did actions all together. We were 20 in Moscow. We took part in small actions, 'cause we lacked the human resources for big actions. Exactly at that time I dropped into the skinhead movement.

I: You had started talking about your desire to find SHARP and RASH...

K: Skinheads sometimes go to punk concerts. Normal skins, not nazis. There was a group at the time, Elpiskas. Dima Niki-Viki played there. He had 2 friends - young skinheads. They called themselves trads. Fedya Barmaley and Vityok. I got to know them. Sometimes, the now deceased, Fedyay came as well.. I remember him standing aside, listening, and looking on. One thing led to another... and then at the punk festival in Sekstone I saw a bonehead with a swastika. Well, I hit him right away. And those guys saw it... came to me, we started talking, got to know each other. And over the course of time I found others due to them. Then there were very few people. Among them were hooligans from the footbal club Mosenergo, which had broken up. Hardcore guys. Hooligans and skinheads. When we got to know each other we began doing things: taking part in actions, developing our positions, attracting other people. It was really hard. Moscow in 2004 was a big bonehead-city. Now most of nazis are rightwing hooligans. It's more of a fashion oriented subculture, much safer. Now there is some political apathy in this group and among the adults. But it's small. Most of the young footbal hooligans are right-wing. There are no antifa firms in Russia. Someone wanted to start one but nothing came of it. Therefore there are antifa-firms in Minsk for MTZ-Ripo, in Kiev for Arsenal, which is supported by our guys as muchas is possible, of course.

I: Now tell me about your opinion of anarchism and socialism, etc.

K: About anarchism... To a large extent I am grateful to "Avtonom" magazine. I read some books by Kropotkin. Thankful for conversations with anarchists. One of the things that attracts me the most... of course... is the possibility to be free from the capitalist restraints, consumer society with its pressures and rules, the possibility to express myself in some way, to live life according to my own values. Exactly this type of anarchist thinking attracted me. Theoretically, I want punk, skinhead subcultures to be based on anti-authorian principles. In general people have this stereotype that anarchy is chaos. Of course, it isn't true. They don't understand what this word means. They don't understand that it's about a society without state control, based on solidarity, mutual aid, support, liberty, at long last. It's more difficult with socialism. If it is only the theory it's not bad, but I am against state control. Fundamentally there must be turning-point in the way people view the world. They must rethink their lives, understand that they canlive another way. Without a change in consciousness it's impossible to change anything! You must begin with yourself. Rethink your role in society, your relationship with your family. Anarchism helped me understand that there are different types of discrimination. When you understand that, you see everything in a different way. You want people to relate to each other with respect. But, I regret having to say, that there are still many folks in the punk, skinhead and hardcore movements, who are prejudiced, that they try to introduce that into the scene. Machismo, sexism, homophobia...

I: Now I want to hear your opinion about modern culture in Russia.

K: Let's start with the punk movement. Now it's grown up. There are many young guys, who take part in actions. It's a positive thing, but on the other hand punks, who go to theconcerts of Purgen or Naiv, not all, but most, are not interested in punk culture. For them it's more of a phase. Then they become "normal" people: find a job, and live the life of a typical wage earner. But now there are alternatives to the big groups. There are many new punk, oi and hardcore groups. There are some problems with ska, btw... And at these concerts there's the guys who've seen , that there'sa different way of creating unity, their views, principles, the scene. But anyway, it's only in theory, and in reality it looks like in Moscow there are many autonomous scenes, who are slinging mud at each other behind each other's back. Essentially, we try to eliminate these conflicts. At concerts we try to stop fights, scuffles, damage of equipment. We want people to behave themselves.

I: Now let's talk about skinhead subculture. How did it develop in Moscow?

K: Things really got started in - 2004, when a group of people appeared, who was SHARP oriented. Who wanted to break the stereotype about skinheads as nationalists. We went to reggae concerts in the club Forpost, where Spitfire and Distemper played, Distemper had just written their song "No racism - no problems", and later paid dearly for it in Voronezh. Of course, we organised our own concerts, closed ones. The scene was small: No Heads, Klowns, Bukaneros. These oi, streetcore groups were pioneers. Of course, we can also bring up the band Uchitel' Truda, but we don't have a very good relationship with them. Pasha was RASH, but then he was bashed, he became a SHARP, and then he became an apolitical skinhead. But political apathy in Russia isn't the same as it is abroad. If you read the book "Skinhead Bible" and you know the origin of the subculture, it's apolitical, but antiracist! You can't forget about that, but in Russia the reality is that apolitical guys have nazi friends. Of course, our position in relation to them wasn't good. Then the scene began to grow larger. New groups began to appear, M-16, Brigadir, Sudny Den', Facecontrol, Working boys, O.S.V., Bystreet, Restlers, Dirty Sounds etc., Mister X(from Belarus) strated to come over. It made an impact. Now everything is much better. We can organise open oi and street punk concerts with our own security, scouts, and a normal atmosphere in the room. There are drunken brawls, but we stop them. Despite what I've said though, many show-offs have appeared, who buy expensive things, tattoos from their parents money and in reality they are small potatoes.

I: Let's talk about them. About what's in fashion now; crust, "people wearing Fred Perry"...

K: Go for it! Let's talk about that!!

I: About fashions, far and wide.

K: In 2008 I was in Germany at a punk festival "Punk and disoderly", where many bands played. And we had several problems. First was right with Pasha from "Uchitel' truda". When we caught him at some punk concert before the festival and wanted to talk some sense into him. Security stopped that. They said that Berlin is a multicultural city and they don't need any problems at the gig. Later we found a kid who wore Thor Steinar. We told him: "How is that possible?! These are punks-antifascists, we should deal with this". Then we talked with two guys, "skinheads". The began talk shit, that they don't care and they don't want to have any trouble. Well, we jumped them but in the end they ran away. Then we talked with some real SHARP. They told us that in Germany a lot of punks and skinheads are show-offs, but they are not 17-19 year olds like in Russia , they are 25-27. They have many shops with brands, they get tattoos, but they don't take part in any actions and they don't think it's wrong to go to concerts of right-wing groups. Getting back to our own reality. There are many punks and hardcore guys, young skinheads, who were born in lace-curtain, middle class families. Sometimes you'll be surprised, some 16-17 year old with tattoos all over his body, it's not very cheap. All of them wear expensive things and you know that they don't work. And then they make some problems, as part of their drunk fun or even worse - they cut somebody, with no thought of what will happen next. Or they began to ruffle their feathers at a concert, fold their arms across their chests, show who's who. There are some hardcore guys. God forbid if a punk kid who can't dance mosh will enter their circle when they're dancing. Theymight push or kick him. Such disgraceful things occur. For sure, if we see it happening, we stop it, but we can't be in all places at once. Now the skinhead and crust subcultures are quite developed, and among them a small percentage really feels, that it's their life, but the most are show-offs. Because thesituation in our country is so negative, the state puts pressure on subcultures, there are many nazis etc. We pcan't forget about it. It's necessary to exercise out minds. But they don't care about it. They mess around, drink beer. They buy Fred Perry, which costs 2500-3000 rubles and think that they are true. Of course, it's amusing. And now about crusters. Once again if I look at what is happening in the USA and Europe, Japan, I must say that some groups, that I like: Doom, Wolfbrigade... In Russia it became fashionable right away. Overnight ex-punks like Unkind revolt for example, a la Britania 82, with mohawks and bam! they're saying: "we are crusters". On the one hand it's not that bad when a person discovers something new, but when they try to reject their past it can't be accepted.

I: In your opinion where is the line between action and posing? There are many people, who need meetings everyday.

K: Once again, you shouldn't forget the country where we live. In Germany for example you can go out on the streets and do something quietly. Coordinating actions isn't a problem. All the videos prove it. Yeah, there are some conflicts with cops and days of chaos, but the situation in Russia is another. If you go out on the street with banners, knowing about our authorian state... how cops relate with members of unofficial organizations. If some years ago because of your mohawk, I remember the end of the 1990s, you could be caught and they'd cut your hair. Now it's better in this aspect, but you must be ready to be arrested and get fined for taking part in unsanctioned meetings. On the other hand, everyday protesting against something... well, you go out on the streets with a slogan, you must understand, that most of the people in this country are morons. And only a small part of them have the ability to comprehend anything. You must explain everything. And I have to say that the way the media shows skinheads
, punks, hardcore guys. A great number of programs were made, but they are all similar in one way – the important information, which talks about values, about views - was cut. They kept only the stuff it was easy to sensationalize. I remember the first program about sXe and skinheads. It had information about SHARP, which went something like this: "we beat everyone we don't like and those who deserve to be beaten." The way movement formed, that the subculture is multiracial - nothing was told about that. About straight edge also - nothing. Because you can't make a sensation out of it. In Moscow and St-Petersburg it's less problematic, but in the provinces everying is as old as the hills, and breaking social stereotypes is a real problem. Once again, if you protest everyday... I think it's more effective to help homeless children. If you are such an anarchist, an animal lover there are enough homeless dogs, cats. Take them into your home. Go to the animal shelter, buy food. It's more effictive than if you go out in the street with a banner and shout some slogans. They look at you and think: "yeah, maybe he is right..." Yes of course a process of struggle is important, but when it doesn't have any results... You know, we must rely only on youth, with some minor exceptions (the results of the struggle against urban densification, construction of industrial harmful factories show that adults also take part in actions and form their position). You can't rely on old generation, it's drowned in stereotypes and prejudice, and only a few can percieve reality adequately. And in our country there is general racism without exception. ”Ah! Ragheads dragged it in.” I'm tired of hearing this. It's all the same. You should take your own life under contol. I had one experience recently. Someone told me: "You are russian, You have light eyes.. In other nations there are many more bad people". I answered to him: "You are a meathead. Start with yourself. For a start zip up your fly. You stand here covered in vomit, drinking beer in the morning. Do something useful!". How is that, he thought he was right but he got mocked.

Activism is different and it should be applied in a different way. On the internet you can read some websites. Not forums, where it's all piss in the wind, but sites with information. I am only for unsanctioned meetings and demonstrations! Because at sanctioned ones there's always cops, police footage. No, thanks. We are fed up with incidents like the 1st of may(2008)when we took germans with us from STAGE BOTTLES, we felt ashamed. We had just arrived and at once we were surrounded. They said it was unsanctioned meeting. What a load of crap! It's nonsense even legally speaking. As it turned out, the cops completed their plan then. Now getting back to the hardcore and punk movement, I have to say that many distros appeared. Besides music, zines appeared, different literature as well. Though not many people buy it. I dislike using livejournal and vkontakte (Russian facebook - translator). It's trendy. But life is one thing and virtual reality another.The internet should be used to get information, to talk with people from different cities and countries.

I: Drawing a conclusion from what you've said it's clear that people have to get their heads out of their asses and not to free animals just to send them to their doom, for example.

K: For sure. It's silly. There were such actions. some people I knew were from the ALF and they almost got into really big trouble once. It should be understood that veganism and the ALF in Russia and the USA are not the same. It'sa problem to keep the right vegan diet here. The problems are climate and the products in supermarkets. The same is true for the ALF. If you love animals, take a homeless dog into your home. In Germany, for example, people who keep homeless animals are well paid. That's why stray animals aren't common there.

I: It's clear that Russia - is one greatly particularc thing. Tell me, what do you think about patriotism in theory and in practice.

K: Oooh! That's my favourite question. It's a huge subject of discussion with nationalists, racists. They think that nationalism is love of one's country. I always start to laughing at them. “Guys, you don't even understand what are you talking about.” Nationalism is an ideology, which supposes the superiority of one nation over another, it's discrimination etc. And patriotism is love of country. But once again there are different types of patriotism. I love the place where I was born. I love my parents, my friends. I can be called a patriot in that case. But I hate the state, the entire system. In this case I am an anti-patriot. I am a cosmopolitan, I hate the damned borders! I love talking to people of different nationalities. I have no borders here. In Russian patriotism means national-patriotism. Russian citizens should live in the Russian way. All ineligible foreigner, immigrants should be deported and so on. And when you try to discuss this with a nationalist (and this is almost always pointless) you are faced with plain
stupidity. There is only one way of thinking in his head and he can't think in any other way. “ Our nation is above all! We love our country. We love the tsar.” Sometimes it's amusing to hear current national-patriots . "For faith, for tsar, for motherland". What the fuck? The tsar? You live in the 21st century! Let them learn the history. Those banners, the imperial flags. Yes, it was one of the state flags and Now it's a nationalist symbol willing or not. And those Russian marches. Dull christian elderly are attending those and next to them pagans. How do those two mix? Orthodox christians fight against pagan manifestations, but in Russia everything is mixed. It's such complete nonsense. I have a negative stance towards patriotism in our country now 'cause there is a substitution of notions and people don't understand what's happening. And one more thing. I've seen almost no nationalists in army. Everyone tries not to go there. They prefer to beat up migrant workers. Let them go and kill some mafioso. Ah. They haven't got guts! And if they are such fighters against drugs. Once again, kill the mafia! And I remeber, I've been in clubs so many times, and people who were offering drugs were Russian.

I: What's your opinion of war and the army?

K: Essentially, as an anti-authoritarian I have a negative position. How does this position manifest itself? Once again, let's turn to Russia. Our state consciously doesn't get rid of the conscription because it offers the possibility to use a great amount of young men as slaves building summer cottages for generals, or as cannon fodder in capitalist wars, such as the one in Chechnya. Apart from this there are also dissatisfactory conditions: hazing practices in the military, during which people are mutilated physically and mentally. And in the end it's a waste of time. They ask me: "What will you do timorrow if the war starts?" Yes, I will take a gun in my hands. I will protect my home, my family, my friends, but I do don't want to protect capitalist bastards, who will profit off the war at the expense of my life and the lives of my friends as it is in the USA, with the wars in Afganistan, Irak, for example. It's a possibility to test new kinds of weapons, to get natural recourses, to achieve hegemony over a certain region. War isn't always the same. If the aim is protection it is one thing, as with the Basque separatist war where they were occupied by Spain. But capitalist war - it's another thing completely. In principle, war is bad, generally speaking. It's murder, grief and pain for people.

I: What's your stance on religion and faith?

K: My position is as follows. I think that everyone has the right to choose to believe or not. The important aspect is not to force it. It's your choice. I am of course against the official institution of religion, i.e. the church. For example, the Russian orthodox church; it's a great collection of gold decorations. And in real all the officials are corrupt. They take money for their services and people believe them. You can believe, no one forbids it. I am an atheist I can tell you this straight up. I believe in myself and human strength, in my friends, and in my relatives. That's all.

I: Let's talk specifically about you. What's your life goal? Do you want to influence something?

K: Well, theoretically, of course, I would like the punk, skinhead, hardcore subcultures to grow in Russia. At least to reach the level of the USA, Japan, Europe, for example. We must work hard to reach it. How can we do that? Show by way of example to the young how we can take action even in our totalitarian country. What I want to do... We have not our own clubs. I want to have our own price policy, our own security, to invite the bands we want to hear. I'd like people, which are inside the punk, hc, skinhead movements to continue to act. Not like it is in reality. I want people to think and not to mindlessly copy, to understand what something is and for what purpose. We can't stop. If we stop practicing antifascist activities, for example, it will lead to bonehead brutality. Now we have the possibility to organise concerts without boneheads, without fights. They can't beat us anymore. I don't want kids to spend their time, chatting on forums, ICQ, LJ, 'cause it can be spent in a more useful way.

I: And what are you doing in your spare time?

K: First of all, based on my capacity I'm training physically and menatally. I try to help common people as well as members of different subcultures. Sometimes I write reviews for zines, articles and spread them. I take part in FNB, in direct actions.. I've already explained my position on demonstrations, I'm only for unsanctioned ones. Experience shows that sanctioned ones have horrible results. Also I began to have contact with people abroad. I try to develop, not to sit tight, to go to other cities, countries, according to my possibilities. To elevate the mind. Not to become obsessed with one thing, To organise more concerts, ska-discos.

I: I agree. But it doesn't mean that a person developes more from going to concerts, taking part in direct actions. There was an incident when someone was beaten becuase of his clothes. Until quite recently I didn't know that Thor Steinar is a nazi brand.

K: Of course, we encounter such problems too. We have to talk with the youth, to explain everything to them. Though in Russia someone who doesn't know anything won't wear Thor steinar. But such incidents were common. I don't think there should be mindless actions, hasty, irresponsible. It's important to talk about where one stands to people at concerts, to tell them about distros, that they should buy something to read, to distribute leaflets. It's important to make one's own zines, with new content, not copied one, to analyze the problem, and try to find a strategy to attack it.

I: Does the end of a direct action justify the means?

K: It's not a simple question. Of course, thanks to that many people began to understand (I mean punks, skinheads, hc guys), that it is efficient. For example we protect our concerts from nazi attacks, but the problem wasn't solved. The problem is still there and we have to do something about it. Then, with demonstrations... well, yeah, they attract people. But either way we have to explain to the youth what results we expect... What is the end we want. Visits to orphanages or helping the homeless and stray animals. We have to do that. If it is measured the end of direct actions justifies the means. If it is silly, crack-brained it will cause negative results, and other people will suffer. Such incidents are common too.

I: Tell me about your opinion on family and children.

K: First of all, having a a child is very crucial situation. It should be thought about a lot 'cause we live in a country, where today you can be rich, and tomorrow - poor. Having a child means a material and mental foundation. Because giving birth to a child is one thing, but educate a sane man is completely another. Marriage is a very difficult question 'cause on one hand it's something official, it forces people, and it is for sure an intervention of the state into the familial relationship. On the other hand for many people it gives them a sense of their responsibilities. I am for living together.

I: I know, that you are lawyer. It was your decision or not?

K: I decided to become lawyer in school. I wanted to be a lawyer, to find out the hidden agendas, 'cause when you have a legal education, it means you can avoid trouble a lot more. It helped me a lot when interracting with cops. It hepls not to be misguided. I graduated from univercity and then worked. I saw then, what bureaucrats are in reality, their whole point. Not externally but from the inside. I saw their corruption and the judges' corruption. Their unbalance, their sense of impunity, sense of power. It helps you if you are average, but if you are member of some subcultures, especially anarchist, of course you can't work there. The system will make you throw up, but you will have a clear notion as to what exactly it's like, and how you can properly struggle against it.

I: Well, that's all I wanted to ask you about. And after all that, your advice...

K: To accomplish something with the projects that you have already initiated. To create your own zine and publish it regularly. Not to make it a one time thing, as it often happens.. I wish people not to stop dealing with important matters, to develop, to elevate thier minds, to break socail stereotypes. I wish they could see the problems out there in a different way. Enough said.

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