[VIDEO] Blaming Black People (Ft. Ben Shapiro & Sargon of Akkad) | [Radical Responsibility]

It’s common for conservatives and even centrists to believe that black people have a victim complex and that this sabotages their socioeconomic success. They think black people don’t make an effort to succeed because they blame their problems on racism and feel entitled to handouts.

This video essay draws on various research studies to debunk this dangerous myth.

Debunking the “black victim mentality” theory is important because it’s an ideological obstacle to addressing the systemic and institutional causes of black / white socioeconomic inequality.



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Clarification: When I said that Radiohead and their song "Just" is racist, this was just a silly joke. I thought this was obvious but I guess not because I got some comments on YouTube from people who clearly thought I was serious.