Views and Comments No. 29 (July 1958)

The No. 29 (July 1958) issue of Views and Comments, an anarcho-syndicalist leaning publication produced out of New York by the Libertarian League from 1955 until 1966.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on July 15, 2016

Contents include:

-The social impact of the recession

-How the people of Caracas struck for freedom by Voluntad

-Israeli pool scored by Orthodox Jews

-Straight from the horse's mouth...

-Principles and lessons of the Spanish Revolution (Originally appeared in Resistance)

-Slow death in Farrapal (Edited version of article by Edgart Rodriguez from Reconstruir, an Argentine libertarian monthly)

-Belize by Eustasio Beaumont W.

-Argentina locks out revolutionary union (Edited version of article originally appearing in the Bulletin of the I.W.M.A., Paris, Franch, March 1958)

-A revolutionary fighter: Nestor Makhno by Liberto Callejas (Originally appeared in Direct Action)

-The libertarian bookshelf (literature list)

-A plea for more vocal direct action by Gregory Storm

-Letter from the Bible Belt by D.R.

-Theocracy in action in Israel (Originally appeared in Jewish Newsletter, February 10, 1958)

-Financial statement

-What we stand for

This issue digitized for by the Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) in Lausanne, Switzerland.