Vodafone and Wind workers strike in Greece

Vodafone and Wind strike poster

Workers of Vodafone and Wind telecoms are going on strike denouncing transfers and forced resignation of employees in Greece.

Submitted by taxikipali on October 13, 2009

Vodafone and Wind workers in Greece have called a 24h strike, the former for Wen. 14/10 and the latter for Thursday 15/10. Vodafone workers are demanding the company to cancel the transfer of 30 employees to Hellas Online, a side-venture of the corporation, whereas Wind workers are demanding the negotiation of a new collective contract, while denouncing the forced resignation and layoffs of 90 employees in the past year.

The Panhellenic Union of Workers in Tim Hellas (Wind) has also called for the formation of a Solidarity Committee to support the strike and the demo outside the company's main offices. The union denounces "the climate of terrorism that aims to workers' resolve for the achievement of a collective contract".

An earlier strike of Wind workers on the September 3 was successful in achieving the reversal of the layoff of a female worker (see: http://libcom.org/news/hunger-strikes-pickets-urban-guerilla-greece-critical-weekend-02092009)

It is important to note that the two strikes are linked to the extent that the two unions are calling them together and publicizing them with with a common poster.