Wellington “Save Geronimo!” Protest Report

A report on a recent protest held in Wellington, Aotearoa in support of Geronimo the alpaca.

Submitted by LAMA on August 14, 2021

On the 14th of August a small but enthusiastic protest was held in Wellington in support of the black alpaca Comrade Geronimo, who has been condemned to death by the Boris regime in England.

Attendees at the protest included representatives from the Aotearoa Workers’ Solidarity Movement (AWSM), Llama Alpaca Militant Alliance (LAMA) and unaffiliated activists.

Prior to assembling outside the British High Commission, attention had been brought to the plight of Geronimo by some media outreach and extensive leafletting in various locations near and around the capital, including in the CBD. These received positive reactions from the public. Many were already aware of the case of the camelid currently marked for execution by government assassins and were sympathetic to him.

During the event passersby were made aware of the protest and some waved in support. One of the participants was approached by the television media to give an interview detailing the case.

The protest ended peacefully, there being no police present. It was agreed by those attending the action that it had achieved the purpose of showing solidarity with Comrade Geronimo and raised awareness of his plight.