What is situationism?: a reader

This anthology gathers together a broad range of critical material about the Situationist International.

Submitted by Ross Arctor on April 16, 2014


  • Selected Bibliography
  • Introduction - Stewart Home
  • Essays from Leaving the 20th Century - edited and translated by Christopher Gray
  • Critique of the Situationist International - Jean Barrot
  • The End of Music - Dave and Stuart Wise
  • Basic Banalities - Stewart Home
  • The Situationist International: Its Penetration into British Culture - George Robertson
  • The Situationist International and its Historification: Ralph Rumney in conversation with Stewart Home
  • Aesthetics and Resistance: Totality Reconsidered - Stewart Home
  • The Realization and Suppression of Situationism - Bob Black
  • The Situationist International: A Case of Spectacular Neglect - Sadie Plant
  • Orgone Addicts: Wilhelm Reich versus the Situationists - Jim Martin
  • The Situationist Legacy - Alastair Bonnett
  • Index

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