Workers protests in Belarus: Appeal to fight for workers interests and not for political power

Workers activists in Belarus organized an initiative to struggle for real interests of working people

Submitted by Foristaruso on August 16, 2020

the situation in Belarus is very complicated. There are two political blocs which disputed political power. From one side, the ruling regime with its politic of authoritarian neoliberalism (privatizations, low wages, total precarization of labour conditions, pension reform, repressive laws against people wihout job etc.). From other side, the liberal bourgeois opposition which plans new, more advanced neoliberal reforms under the cover of liberal democracy. The struggle of liberal opposition against the regime goes under the slogan of "free election". As anarcho-syndicalists, we know that there are no such thing as "free election" and that the demoCRACY is the same fraud. So we don`t accept this demand.

But it is totally clear that the working people in Belarus has many reasons for revolt against neoliberal Lukashenko regime. And it is very important to explain to the workers that they should fight for their real interests and not to be simple supporters of liberal power aspirants. Unfortunately, no one liberarian group in Belarus put forward the real social demands in this conflict. But we are now in contact with an Belorussian initiative ZABASTOVKA.BY which makes now a very important work of support the actual workers strikes in Belarus proposing the demands of stopping privatization and abolishing of precarization system, pension reform, repressive laws etc. We are going to translate some of their texts and leaflets shortly and put them on libcom

There is for example one of their leaflets:
Belarusians, be careful!
Why are we called to the streets? What are our REAL interests?
- prohibition of privatization
- preservation of jobs
- political freedoms
- cancellation of the system of fixed-term contracts
- improvement of working conditions and wages
- increase in social assistance
- collective agreement and workers' unions
- cancellation of the pension reform
- Cancellation of decree No. 3 (repression against the unemployed)
Defend YOUR interests! Don't let anyone use you!
- Don't fall for provocations
- Organize in labor collectives
- Discuss these requirements
- Show them to the administration
- Go to the real fight
Act wisely!

Now the initiative support the strike movement of workers in Belarus. We hope, tjhe news will fellow