Workers strike at Iran's largest shipbuilding company

Shipbuilding in Iran
Shipbuilding in Iran

On January 30, 2007, the entrance to the Iran Sadra (SADRA- Iran Marine Industrial Co.) in its Bushehr Yards Ship Building was shut down by about 150 workers of the company in the City of Bushehr who were protesting the sacking of 38 of their colleagues as well as the short temporary contracts.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on January 31, 2007

According to one of the representatives of workers, Ranjbarian, the strike was spontaneous. Workers are sacked by the employer despite previous protests as well as meetings in the governor's office to create employment opportunities for laid off employees. The reports also add that despite signing big contracts between the government and the Sadra Company, through joint projects with countries like Venezuela, workers are being fired by the employer. Workers are vowing to continue their strike and job actions because they believe the company's CEO is responsible for the current situation and that also questions the authorities of the Provincial government.

There has been an ongoing labour dispute in the company. Just very recently, about a month ago, more than one thousand workers of Iran Sadra were returned to work and they received a portion of their unpaid wages.