World War I - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around World War I and the collapse of social democracy.

Submitted by Steven. on January 29, 2010

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism - Lenin
The Collapse of the 2nd International - Lenin
The Junius Pamphelet - Luxemburg
Against the Stream – Lenin/Zinoviev
Mutinies – Dave Lamb
Imperialism and the Split in Socialism – Lenin
Socialism and the Great War – G. Haupt
Why War? – K. Nelson/S. Olin, Jr.
International Socialism and the World War – M. Fainsod
Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International
The Balkan Wars – Trotsky
The First Three Internationals - Novack
Political Profiles - Trotsky
On The Spartacus Program - R. Luxemburg
The Guns of August - B. Tuchman
The First World War: An Agrarian Interpretation - A. Offer
The Persistence of The Old Regime - Arno Mayer
The Other Battleground: The Home Fronts - Williams



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Submitted by drowsy on May 7, 2013

Good additions to the World War I reading guide would be these:

The Allied Food Blockade of Germany, 1918-19 by N. P. Howard

Eric J. Leed, No Man's Land: Combat and Identity in World War 1

Edward E. McCullough, How The First World War Began

Wolfgang J Mommsen, Imperial Germany, 1867-1918: Politics, Culture and Society in an Authoritarian State

John Morrow, The Great War: an imperial history

Practical History, 'Churchill, the Cenotaph and May Day 2000'

Woodruff D. Smith, European imperialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

John Zerzan, 'Origins and Meaning of WWI', Telos, no. 49, Fall 1981


Karen Hagemann, Home/Front; the Military, War and Gender in Twentieth Century Germany,

Gail Braybon, Evidence, History and the Great War

Beverley Engel, 'Subsistence Riots in Russia during World War One', Journal of Modern History, Vol.69.

Ute Daniel, The War from Within: German Women in the First World War

Laura Lee Downs, Manufacturing Inequality: Gender Division in the French and British Metalworking Industries, 1914-39


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Submitted by Frep34 on May 9, 2014

Of all the TV documentaries on World War One this one is certainly the best (even if it is more liberal than revolutionary):

The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century (or check here)

'All Quiet on the Western Front' is still amazing and can be found here:


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Submitted by Steven. on June 14, 2014

There is a draft World War I reading guide here, when it's complete it would be good to replace the above list: