Your neighbourhood resistance organisation: the Portland Solidarity Network announces their east side committee

The Portland Solidarity Network uses escalation campaigns and direct action to target housing and workplace issues, and now they are expanding out into the working class neighborhoods of Portland's outer east side.

Submitted by Eviction Free Zone on June 13, 2014

This statement was produced in conjunction with the other members of the Portland Solidarity Network's Outer Eastside Committee.

Portland Solidarity Outer Eastside Committee Statement

As we face rising costs of living, the threat of increased rents and displacement from our homes, and exploitation by our employers and landlords, we feel a need to band together and build power in our communities to defend our neighborhoods.

Portland Solidarity Network, a volunteer network of community members, has successfully advocated for the rights of workers and tenants by directly confronting individuals, organizations, or corporations responsible for exploiting, harassing, or cheating workers and tenants. Now the Portland Solidarity Network is forming an East Portland committee focused directly on issues in outer eastside neighborhoods. We want to connect with working people of different backgrounds and languages and together become a force to address housing, workplace, and community issues specific to East Portland. As the wave of gentrification rolls into the working class neighborhoods on the edge of the city, we will attempt to build neighborhood movements that specifically stand with tenants of low-income apartment complexes, public housing, section 8, mobile home parks, and other areas that are specifically targeted by urban renewal and development. In the traditions of direct action, community organizing, and mutual aid, our goal is to create a real committee of community members that can come together and fight for material gains while developing a real force in the interest of working people.

This committee will begin taking on cases in these neighborhoods, eventually evolving into an somewhat autonomous branch located in this specific area of the city. We see that keeping struggles regional can help them to act directly democratically and in response to the specific community, while federating with other local and national solidarity networks to continue building the movement.

You can get in touch with us by e-mailing us at [email protected], and we are now having weekly meetings for the summer in outdoor area of the Montavilla Community Center. We are looking to meet people in the area who would like to get involved in forming the group, discuss project ideas, or participate in actions. We will be continuing outreach to the community through postering and direct communication, and we need community members to come get involved if this new project will be a success. Our hope is that this will become a flagship of these neighborhoods, and will be a go-to organization for dealing with housing and workplace issues in this area.

Whether it is tenants facing eviction, workers having their wages stolen, or communities at risk, we are putting out a call to stand together and show what a community in solidarity can do!

Meeting Information:

Thursdays @ 6:00pm
Montavilla Community Center Park Pavillion
8219 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97220

Email: [email protected]
Phone(Voicemail): (503) 446-6065



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Happy to see PdxSol experiencing such success!