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A short article explaining what libcom.org's coverage of the anti-CPE movement and what you can do to help.

Submitted by libcom on March 13, 2006

libcom.org/blog, has been set up to offer the most comprehensive English-language coverage of the wave of students’ and young people’s protests which has swept France this week.

A small group of us, half of whom have lived in France at one time or another, were talking about the situation on libcom.org/forums a few days ago. We were sharing translations from various sources with each other because there was very little English language coverage available. We then figured that we should really be sharing what we were learning with others and thought that a weblog would be the best format for to deliver such content. The blog allows all of us the chance to post new information as and when we get it, without delay.

Right now we’re covering events nearly 24 hours a day. Members of our team are based in London, Paris, Marseille and Edinburgh, with our Paris correspondents providing personal accounts of things that we otherwise couldn’t pick up on - the mood on the streets and the feeling of how momentum is moving. We are also in touch with young people and students - both for and against the strikes - in France who are sending us reports, including one of the initiators of the occupation of the historic Sorbonne.

We think we are providing the most comprehensive English language coverage of events that exists, and have been getting around 100,000 page views per day on this site and links from sites around the world.

Get involved and help out
As the struggle develops, and we find more material to translate, our team of unpaid volunteer translators is getting a bit stretched. If you’re reading this blog, think its a great idea and are wondering what you could do to help - get in touch. If you speak English and French its great to have extra translators, or if you aren’t able to translate we also need help with collating photo’s and information. Basicly you can help in two ways, we can let you into our private discussion forum where you can see what we are up to and help produce content or you can just email us anything you think is usefull. If you speak other languages, why not set up a blog and syndicate some of our content in your own language?

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