Bournville School defeats academy plans

Parents and staff at Bournville school have successfully defeated plans to turn the school into an academy.

Submitted by Choccy on October 16, 2011

Stories of successful attempts at defeating academy coversions seem to be thin on the ground at the moment, with over 800 new or conversion academy schools being created since Conservatives/LibDems came into power.

So it's encouraging to hear that staff and parent at Bournville School in Birmingham have defeated governors plans to convert the school into an academy.

The Anti-Academies Alliance in the midlands said "The combination of a forceful parents' campaign and threat of united strike action by NASUWT and NUT members has resulted in the Bournville governors abandoning plans to convert to an Academy (at least for this school year)".

18 months ago there were less than 300 academies nationwide, there are now over 1000, and a further bunch of 'free school' created and in the works. These schools, mostly funded by state money, but with private sponsors controlling much of their activity, are free from local control and accountability and are designed to break once and for all, the unions in education, eroding long-standing terms and conditions and undermining agreements over everything from pay to working hours.

The Hands Off Bournville School campaign sent this letter to supporters.

"Dear Supporter

At the HOBS meeting last night we learnt that Governors have decided to abandon their Academy proposal for the rest of this academic year. Acting on the recommendation by the Headteacher Barbara Easton, Governors voted by an overwhelming majority to postpone consideration of Academy conversion until 31st August 2012. Further to this they agreed that any future re-consideration of Academy status will require a further period of full consultation. They decided that Academy conversion is not right for Bournville School at this time.

This is excellent news and I would like to thank you for your part in supporting the campaign. This result has been made possible, against the odds, by the combined efforts of concerned parents, members of the community and staff of Bournville School.

The future
Our work is not over yet, we still need to ensure that the current application for Academy conversion is withdrawn and that the DfE's Academy Order for Bournville School will no longer apply. I will continue to keep you updated of our progress on this. We will also be keeping a close eye on the local and national picture regarding Academy conversion, as we fully expect to be revisiting this issue next Autumn.

With thanks again for your support"



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Submitted by Steven. on October 21, 2011

Thanks for writing this up. Workers and parents at Haverstock school in Camden (the Milibands old school) also defeated proposed academy plans there, before the proposed strike ballot even happened