Flower power, or sowing the seeds of revolt

A report from a high school occupation against the CPE in the South of France, where occupiers have been having fun, and gardening!

Submitted by jef costello on April 2, 2006

School students occupy the lycée Jean Baptiste Dumas at Alès in the South of France since Tuesday the 28th of March.

The fire of hope burns day and night in front of the gates of the school and the occupation is an opportunity to explore ideas with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Meals, film screenings, debates with subjects as diverse as nano technology and immigration history in France are some of the events tha have taken place.

Leisure activities such as new Skateboard routes, climbing and roller skating figure in the evening but it is the latest statement which is attracting most attention.

On Thursday night under the admiring gaze of the omnipresent CCTV cameras the combined forces of Black Radishes and Sunny Daisies laid siege to the vast expanse of lawns in the school grounds sewing the seeds of revolt, both existential seeds of worries and thoughts as well as real sunflower, poppy and other wild flowers. No green space was spared, no arrests were made, no prisoners were taken.

New slogans inspire this action, « whoever sows the seeds in spring harvests potatoes later ,» « No solstice, no fields, » « fuck this pile of shit, fuck this pile of shit .»

In a month the seeds of revolt will flower, remembering their action.