More UMP party offices vandalised while Bishops declare support

An update from one of our correspondent about vandalism in Montpellier and bishops acknowledging the suffering of French youth.

Submitted by libcom on April 9, 2006

Around sixty students and high-school pupils vandalized the premises of UMP at Montpellier on Wednesday the 5th April. Furniture, posters and the post mail were thrown on the pavement at Assas avenue. The police noticed several inscriptions in the UMP premises relating to the anti-CPE movement : “Sarko tyrant” “the youth has spoken, listen to it”. The vandalizing action lasted just about twenty minutes. A UMP deputy was scandalised. The police haven’t yet identified the suspects. The UMP local federation brought a prosecution against X.

French Bishops understand the suffering of the youth in front of the future

The Conference of French bishops declared to have heard “the suffering of the youth”, “its major anxiety in front of the future” expressed during the anti-CPE demonstrations. The organisation confirmed that the Catholic Church is ready to participate to a deep reflection about “the real happiness” of this generation.

This position were detailed in a communiqué of Jean-Pierre Ricard, the president of the Conference of French bishops. This document drew up the balance sheet of a plenary meeting which took place from the 4th to the 7th April at Lourdes.



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One reason the Catholic Church has lasted 2.000 years is that they know when to stop backing a loser… even if that loser is now the capitalism system itself. But don’t be fooled: the Church is still a bastion of the bourgeois enemy. It doesn’t matter how many nice people there are in that organization. It’s still an institution of the bourgeois order which has to go.

Atheism & Science forever!

But thanx to the bishops anyway.