Sorbonne latest: riot

Fighting breaks out as fascists and riot police attack anti-CPE youths.

Submitted by alibi on March 16, 2006

Lots of different stories coming in right now about events around the Sorbonne area.

From what can be gathered, 200 armed and helmeted fascists were allowed past the CRS (riot police), and attacked the gathering of anti-CPE youths and students. Earlier in the evening, at around 7.30pm the CRS were heavily outnumbered and resorted to teargas and water cannon in order to disperse the crowds.

Now we understand that barricades of overturned cars have been set up at the rue Vaugirard in self defence.

Meanwhile, 212 arrests as of 7.40pm French time. 147 of them in Paris. 35 police and CRS (riot police) injured.

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