Anger boils over: Rioting in Lille, Tours, Paris and Rennes

Further disturbances have been reported in many towns and cities as mass anti-CPE demonstrations ended across France this evening.

Submitted by alibi on March 18, 2006

At Paris's Le Place de la Nation, the vast square where this afternoons demonstration had ended, hundreds of youths were caught in pitched battles with the CRS riot police. Rounds of tear gas were fired and at least one molotov cocktail was thrown at police. By around 7pm calm began to be restored to the area.

In Rennes, police appeared to fire rubber bullets at demonstrators whilst the centre of Lille was also the scene of trouble.

In Tours, around 150 youths were involved in minor fighting with the police.

Meanwhile more numbers for todays demonstrations have come in, with 30,000 marching in the northern city of Caen and 9,000 in nearby Rouen. 7,000 are reported marching in the Breton town of Angers.