France: 'La Lutte' continues?

Demonstrations are planned for tomorrow as many universities maintain the pressure on the government, with some hoping for the extension of the struggle.

Submitted by alibi on April 10, 2006

Many are calling for the abolition of the CNE contract as well, and others are holding out wary of promises made. Of 62 universities which are not on holiday, 25 were disturbed according to the ministry for the Education, including five completely blocked.

More demonstrations have also been occuring across the country:

In Paris a demonstration is set to gather at the Place de la Republique from 2pm before passing through Boulevard Saint Martin, Boulevard Saint Denis, Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, Boulevard Poissonnière and Boulevard Montmartre.

Meanwhile, the buildings of the Sorbonne will not reopen before Monday April 24, although the police barricades surrounding it may be taken down soon.

Another demonstration in Marseilles shall gather from 10am. Earlier on Monday, the anti-CPE students of Saint-Charles faculty of the university of Aix-Marseilles I, voted for the renewal of the strike and the blocking, and called this new demonstration for Tuesday morning. "The mobilization is maintained as long as there is not an explanation on the new text" explained a member of the FIDL high school students union.

At the university of Toulouse-Mirail, the students renewed the strike and the blocking of faculty.

In Rouen, students voted for a renewal of blockin until April 17 at the university of Rouen. This décison was taken with "near-unanimity" by a general assembly which gathered 1,200 students, according to the secretary-general of the UNEF section of the university. The general assembly in addition decided the organization of a blocking of road axes as well as demonstration in the streets of Rouen for Tuesday morning.

A general assembly of more than 2,000 students on Monday in at the university of Nantes voted for the continuation of the blocking of faculties of Letters, Social sciences and Languages until Wednesday April 19 after animated debates.

Liberation reports that the students of the University of Rennes 2 have voted to lift their blocking. The students of Rennes 2, the first University to have put itself in strike on February 7 to protest against the CPE, "voted for the resumption of the courses at the time of a poll noted a journalist of the AFP" say Liberation.

Le Havre
The students of the University of Le Havre voted to renew their movement until May 2.

Elsewhere, Lyon 2 and Jean Monnet University in Saint Ettiene both voted to lift their blockings.