South African human rights Day Assembly

South African human rights Day Assembly

Today has been a particurlarly shit day for me at school and in light of me being lazy about posting the update on Pro Share I thought I could do a small little post about our assembly today which was to do with aparthied because it is human rights day in South Africa today.

Right so as mentioned in the introduction, it is human rights day for South Africa today. The reason why they do it on a different day to most western countries is that it specifically commemorates the Sharpeville massacre.

Now it started off fairly harmless, just basic facts about what happened on a small powerpoint presentation. But then, predictably, it went in a bad direction. They started talking about how aparthied was stopped because our bloddy good governments stood up to them, they talked about the protest movement but only in brief and in backround to this main interventionist messge. If that was not bad enough, the powerpoint went on to talk about how we 'took a stand' by not trading with them and not letting them in the olympics. Not participating in sport is a minor thing, but how is economic warfare meant to be a good thing to help a country ?Its usually what governments when they want to fuck countries over, it is the face of modern imperialism. Doing that is not sending an anti aparthied message to the government, its hostility and affects not just the dipolmatic relations but NORMAL FUCKING PEOPLE who probably starved because of it. How it could be turned around like this I do not know for the life of me. They then concluded with a youtube video. Again, starting off just with statistics and amateur history about it, but low and behold, it started talking about how individuals changed the world, how you were an individual etc. I am not even paraphrasing. What a way to brush over collective, class conscious, direct action and replace it with liberal bullshit..

This is just a quick rant really. My day had already been fucked up before this so I could not be bothered to talk about it to my friends. I am starting to appear like I am just negative about everything, but when you oppose the core fundamentals of a now global economic system, with all the moral, cultural, political superstructure that goes with it, you can't really help it. But maybe thats a bit of self pity I can save for the ventingn our despair thread.

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That's messed up that is. You may want to proof read this for spelling errors though.