Spontaneous demonstration by French school children

Students from three Lycees in Nantes (Guist'hau, Vial and Jules Verne) decided to carry out a collective action today.

Submitted by jef costello on April 1, 2006

A meeting was called for 2.30pm outside the former Palais de Justice. Around 1,000 people answered the call, including older students from the university. The action originally decided upon, a blockade of the main crossroads in the town, quickly transformed into a series of spontaneous demonstrations.

Stopping at various points, such as roundabouts, to build barricades as quickly as possible. The group headed towards the station, knowing that the police were already there. Face to face with the police, some students chose to offer them flowers, others successfully tried to gain entry to the platform. The majority did not follow them in and the police reacted very strongly.

A student was injured by a blow to the head from a police baton as he was leaving the station. A few eggs were thrown. In short after a lot of hesitation and a long stand-off, the protester returned to the town and dispersed.

Translated for libcom.org from Nantes indymedia