More spontaneous blockades

A round-up of some of yesterday's (31 March) school and office occupations and blockades of roads and railways against the CPE.

Submitted by alibi on March 31, 2006

Late Friday night up to 10,000 were said to be still be in the streets after a protest at Chiracs announcement that he would promulgate the controversial CPE.

Round up of earlier events
Round up of protests and blockades, mostly spontaneous, across France that we are aware of taking place yesterday, Friday March 31st.

- A hundred students occupied for one hour and a half the Jacques Chirac Museum in Sarran (Corrèze)

- In Montpellier 200 anti-CPE students posted 2,000 letters symbolically notifying Chiracs dismissal "for serious fault".

- In Marseilles, 200 students and lecturers had set up from 6am a blocking filter at the Faculty of Luminy and the commercial school Euromed, two students were slightly wounded by a car which tried to force the anti-CPE blockade, tf1 report.

- In Nice, approximately 200 demonstrators occupied the room of the town council then demonstrated in front of the UMP mairie.

- In the Midi-Pyrenees, groups of 100 to 500 anti-CPE high-school pupils, sometimes followed by schoolboys, also blocked roundabouts or demonstrated in Toulouse, Cahors, Mazamet, Montauban, Foix and Pamiers (Ariège).

- In Strasbourg, approximately 200 high-school pupils blocked the circulation of the trams in the downtown area for forty minutes.

- In Ile-de-France, young people, mainly high-school pupils, blocked various road and railway axes in the morning, in the south of Paris. Little before 9am, several hundred pupils of the Vilgénis de Massy High School (in the Essonne) had occupied the tracks of RER B at the towns station. The RATP (Parisian transport authority) specified that the traffic on the RER B was stopped between Palaiseau and Fountain-Michalon for two hours from 8.40am. Towards 10H15, the police force set about removing the demonstrators who then left to the streets Massy to the cries "Chirac, Villepin and Sarkozy, your probation period, it is finished". They then blocked the RN 188 temporarily, causing the anger of some motorists. At the end of the morning, 200 to 300 were in Palaiseau, in front of the prefecture. In the morning, approximately 400 others blocked circulation on the RN20 at Arpajon (the Essonne). The RN20 road was also blocked by 200 to 300 young people, according to the prefecture, which specified that the station of Orsay was also invaded. The traffic was stopped between the Le Guichet and Bures-sur-Yvette. At the end of the morning, from 400 to 500 high-school pupils, according to the prefecture, were briefly installed on Francilienne motorway, near Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (the Essonne).

In Brittany
- In Saint Breuic, by 8am several high schools: Renan, Rabelais, Freyssinet, and also Jean-Monnet High School in Quintin were blocked completely or partly by high-school pupils opposed to the CPE. Later in the afternoon the students blocked three roundabouts.

- Elsewhere in Brittany, 300 demostrated in Lamballe and 400 in Lava,

- In Vitres, 400 high school students turned up at the start of the Route Adelie cycle race, blocking the start. The organisers of the race gave them their microphone and speaches were made before the race set off 35 behind schedule.

- Road blockades took place in Nantes and rail tracks were occupied in Rennes.