CPE struggle: Roads blocked in Brittany

Road stoppings by students opposed to the CPE today strongly disrupted access to Rennes, Nantes, Brest and Lannion today.

Submitted by alibi on March 29, 2006

The three road blockades set up in Rennes were cleared at around 10am, on order of the CRS riot police, which at times used teargas. But the operation took place without confrontations according to the police force.

Thibault Boyer, vice-president of the UNEF to the board of directors of Rennes-II said that "its a symbolic blocking to show our determination against the CPE".

At Nantes, 150 students formed a blockade on the western peripheral in the North-South direction, which caused many stoppers. Installed around 8am, it remained in place at midday. In Lannion, whose IUT is very mobilised against the CPE, all the roundabouts giving access the downtown area were blocked by students, announced the police force.

In Brest, just under a hundred Sports Science and Physical Education students, protesting against a reduction in the number of places for high school PE teacher recruitment examinations, blocked the entry of the city on main road 12, causing significant congestion in the morning.

Rough translation for libcom.org from an article posted on Le Monde.