Stay off the crack Gideon

Stay off the crack Gideon

Gideon Osborne appears to have been on the crack again. He has sold off Northern Rock for half of its value to a gangster.

It would appear that Gideon Osborne has been taking one too many puffs on his crack pipe recently. Either that or the standard of maths at Eton is not what they used to be. Gideon has sold Northern Rock to convicted tax crook Richard Branson for half the amount that was originally paid for them. This leaves the tax payer out of pocket to the tune of £400 million. Do not worry though. Gideon believes this to be a good deal for the tax payer.

The sale of Northern Rock to Richard Branson comes in the same week that he launches a new book about responsible capitalism and how big business can be a force for good. Quite a ridiculous idea, particularly when you consider that Branson is a man who has spent a lifetime lying and manipulating, opening businesses, closing businesses, paying shit wages, laying people off, scamming his recording artists, and tax avoidance on a grand scale.

Does Branson really think that making a few token charitable donations here and there in return for a knighthood is a force for good? Richard Branson is nothing more than a gangster and a spiv. He has been given Northern Rock at a bargain basement price. If it makes a profit, he keeps it all. If it makes a loss, we have to bail it out. Yes, Mr Branson and his ilk really are a force for good aren’t they?

Nobody should trust Richard Branson, and I certainly would not trust him with the steam off my piss, let alone a bank. Stay of the crack Gideon!

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working class s...
Nov 18 2011 01:03


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Serge Forward
Nov 18 2011 13:01

Why 'Gideon'? He's generally known as George Osborne. I don't get it confused

working class s...
Nov 18 2011 13:31

His real name is (or was) Gideon

Serge Forward
Nov 18 2011 15:10

I did not know that.

Rob Ray
Nov 18 2011 15:29

Actually it's his middle name, George Gideon Oliver Osborne.

Joseph Kay
Nov 18 2011 15:49
Wikipedia wrote:
Originally named Gideon Oliver,[2] he changed his name to George when he was 13. In an interview in July 2005, Osborne said: "It was my small act of rebellion. I never liked it."

What a rebel. A real outsider. The peoples' aristocrat even.