Strike of 28th March: Update

On Monday evening, along with the mainstream English language media, we incorrectly reported that unions had announced a General Strike for the 28th of March.

Submitted by alibi on March 22, 2006

This was wrong, in fact the unions had who met on Monday had only called for strike action to take place on the 28th of March. In the days since, individual unions (specific to their sector) have since been announcing their intentions with regard strike action on the 28th. This is a list of those union sector/ branches who will strike next Tuesday:
With the RATP tranport authority for Paris and surrounding areas:
The CGT, the CFDT, Unsa, Sud and FO.
With the SNCF (French Railways):
Unsa-Railwaymen, CFDT Railwaymen, FO, Sud-Rail, federation CGT of railwaymen, CFTC-railwaymen. The strike notices will begin Monday March 27th from 8pm and end Wednesday March 29th at 8am.
In the National education sector:
UNEF (students body), the Confederation of Students, the UNL Fidl, the CFDT, Cfe-cgc, the CFTC, the CGT, FO, the FSU, Solidaires, Unsa-Education and Sgen.
The Federation of the Parents of pupils Councils (FCPE) invites the parents of pupils to make of March 28 one day "ecole morte", or "dead school".
In the Air travel sector:
Ten trade unions of Air France (CGT, Ugict/CGT, CFDT, CFE5CGC, CFTC, FO, Southern FO-frameworks air, SNMSAC/unsa Alter).
In the Postal sector:
Federations CGT, FO, CFDT, CFTC, South and Unsa.
In the Sector of finances:
Federations CGT, FDSU, FO, CFDT and Unsa.
With France Telecom:
IN Other sectors:
Federation CGT and FO of the public services.
The General Federation of the workers of agriculture, the food, the tobaccos and the services appendices (the Fgta-FO).
The CGT and the CFDT of Total.
The trade unions SNRT-CGT and SNJ-CGT of France 3 (TV station) invite the employees of the chain to cease work on March 28 of 0H00 with 24H00
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