Strike in Shanghai in May 2014

Arrest during strike in Shanghai, May 2014

The wave of strikes in China's industrial heart lands continues. This is an example of a strike in Shanghai. As often, the Chinese state and capital tried to repress the strike with force, but also started negotiations to get the situation under control.

On May 12, workers from the Dynacast electronics plant in the Songjiang district of Shanghai went on strike after their allowance and bonus payments, e.g. for overtime, had been cut several times. Workers said that their total monthly wage had been reduced for two years. Altogether, they had lost at least 200 yuan each month. Together with other worker complaints, that lead to the current escalation of the conflict.

On May 14, the struggle was repressed by 200 policemen and security guards. They beat up many workers, some of who had blood all over their faces, others fainted. That included the beating of a pregnant woman. 33 workers were arrested. The workers called the media, but the police sealed off the plant and did not let them get inside.

On May 15, as many as 500 workers continued the strike. In the afternoon, negotiations started but no agreement was reached.

For (Chinese) comments and many photos see here and here (showing the arrests, the fainting etc.).

The US-American company Dynacast is one of the world's biggest producer of small metal and precision components for cars, consumer electronics, telecommunications and more. In China, the Dynacast plant in Shanghai employs less than 1,000 workers, another plant is located in Dongguan. For more information on the company see here.

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