Day of anti-CPE action called for 4 April

A day of action against the CPE and the loi sur l'egalite des chances of which it is a part has been called for next Tuesday 4 April.

Submitted by jef costello on April 2, 2006

There have been demonstrations called for in virtually every department of France.

There will be demonstrations in every major city, in many cases smaller towns will have their own demonstrations. Assembly points have often been set for key strategic points within the towns. In front of Town Halls, at roundabouts, crossroads, bridges and train stations. Many students will be demonstrating outside the Lycees, Colleges and Universities that they have been occupying.

While there has been communication and co-ordination between students and workers across the country, this is not being centrally organised. Demonstrations are often organised locally and details are not always published in advance in smaller locations. A constantly growing list of proposed demonstrations, organised locally and nationally and with and without union involvement can be found here:



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April 3rd, 2006 | 12:03 am

The French economy is stagnating relatively to many other developed countries. The standard of living is declining. The main cause is the lack of competitiveness. A direct consequence is unemployment with companies, even French ones, preferring to hire outside France. To increase competitiveness, the country must reduce costs, increase the skills of its labor force, and facilitate the creation of new jobs to reduce unemployment. France has not adapted to the fundamental changes in the world economy of the last thirty years. Benefits and employment models that worked well in the sixties no longer work today in the face of global competition, an aging population, and a change in the population structure. One cannot turn back the clock; the French model is bankrupt and it should be changed quickly. The political leaders, the intellectuals, and the media have a duty to educate the public instead of pretending to believe in irrelevant ideologies and exploiting the dissatisfaction of the population for their own purpose, which is not only dishonest and cowardly but irresponsible.