Paris set for another anti-CPE demonstration tomorrow

A demonstration organised by school and university students is set to take place tomorrow in Paris.

Submitted by alibi on March 22, 2006

Called by the Coordination des Facs et Lycées d'Ile de France et de Paris or Network of Universities and High Schools of Paris and the Suburbs, the protest will march on the National Assembly.

In the word of organisers, the demonstration "will not disperse upon arrival" at the National Assembly. The march is coinciding with the arrival of many people from outside Paris and suburbs so it is expected to be very large. From Lyon, 3000 youths will arrive in Paris on subsidised trains as negotiated by local SNCF trade unionists.

One of our contacts on the ground in Paris, who was one of the first wave to occupy the Sorbonne almost two weeks ago, told us more about the demonstration and the mood on the ground in Paris...

"Yes, like you said, tomorrow, we shall start the demonstration from Place d'Italie down to the Assemblée Nationale. The point is to make some noise, block the whole traffic (during rush hour time) as long as possible, show them our determination, even under the very cold rain.

"Of course we shall get kicked out eventually by CRS riot police! Who knows what shall happen tomorrow. Today strike has been reconducted and voted by students of Paris 5 University (Sorbonne). I can sense more organization, more determination, and i don't think this movement is fading like some french newspaper said (especially like "Le Figaro" which supports UMP and right political party). High school students are blocking and occupying their schools, many sleep in theirs!

"I doubt all of this shall really fade before Easter holidays (in about 2 weeks). But, we need more then ever the support of the workers, everyones help, because some students are starting to get discouraged because the government doesn't want to change anything.

"But... But! Politicians are fighting now one against the others, and if you could see the temperature inside the Assemblée Nationale, you would have a smile. Something is happening in the last couple of days. Something important. It seems that we have won one tiny battle at least, by sowing disorder in assembly and political parties. What shall come next? "