TV Times - 4 - 10 October 2008

This week's pick is a documentary expose of the appalling and impossible situation troops on active service are placed in.

Other highlights are an examination of Russia's renewed impact on the world political stage and an investigation into the expansion of, and services provided, by lap dancing clubs. Also the extreme tactics used in American political circles to bring about wanted election results are examined by profiling one such influential individual.

Monday 6 October - 9 - 10pm - Channel 4 - Dispatches: The Hidden World of Lap Dancing
Recent legislative changes had added to what was already an ever-increasing proliferation of clubs offering lap dancing services. In this edition of Dispatches, the team investigate just how close to prostitution this off-shoot of the sex industry has become. Whilst these clubs claim they do not offer "additional sexual services" hidden camera footage proves this not to be the case.

Monday 6 October - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama - Should We Be Scared of Russia?
The Russian response to the recent conflict with Georgia has been indicative of a renewed aggression on the world political stage. Potential consequences for the UK are here examined, informed in part by the team's interviews with members of Vladimir Putin's inner circle.

Monday 6 October - 10 - 11.30pm - BBC4 - Dirty Tricks: The Man Who Got the Bushes Elected
This Storyville documentary profiles in detail Lee Atwater who was campaign manager for the first President Bush in his 1988 election victory. Atwater is clearly portrayed as ruthless and mercenary in the extreme; aggressive smear tactics and the spreading of ugly and largely unfounded rumours were his unpalatable specialty. These tactics are shown as being absolutely instrumental in Atwater's ability to assist George Bush Senior in overcoming Michael Dukakis' 17 per cent lead in the opinion polls to clinch victory in 1988. Yet the programme also shows likeable aspects of Atwater's persona and personal talents and refers to a childhood tragedy in Atwater's life which could have helped shape the ruthless direction his political life was to take.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Tuesday 7 October - 9 - 10pm - BBC3 - Jack: A Soldier's Story
Ben Anderson reported from Helmland Province for Panorama last year; here he returns to Afghanistan to shadow 24 year old Lance Corporal Jack Mizon of the Grenadier Guards. Fearless, dedicated and determined from the outset, over the course of filming for this documentary, the tragic unravelling of his mental and physical state is portrayed as a result of the actions required of him - actions no person could be expected to fulfil. His deadly and impossible task is to continuously suppress the tireless and numerous local guerillas; after 81 days his friends have all been either killed or maimed for life and, when he eventually returns home, he understandably cannot cope and receives scant response or support from the powers-to-be. The destruction of Jack's resolve and motivation not to mention his mental health, is indicative of the way troops on active service are used and treated and his personal example and courage in having his story shown should have an impact beyond what could be made using academic argument alone.

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