Hillman, Ellis remembered

A short obituary of Ellis Hillman, 1928-1996, by Albert Meltzer.

Submitted by martinh on March 8, 2006

Ellis (pictured below while Mayor of Barnet) was that rare bird, a trotskyist with a sense of humour who admitted his contradictions. A Healeyite at fifteen, he was later expelled and became a Labour Party "deep entryist" trot. An atheist who observed Jewish religious practice, a Conway Hall lecturer, professional geologist, Flat Earth Society member, as well as a Bolshevik who pursued civic honours, he was the only one of those distinguished circles who aided our solidarity with Spanish anarchist resistance fighters. Other trots sabotaged our anti-Franco work, but he obtained entry and work permits for those in danger, not without a gentle dig that municipal status sometimes proved useful.

Albert Meltzer
Taken from Black Flag #207
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