Albert Meltzer

Black Flag vol 01 #01 (July 1968)

The first issue of the Bulletin of the Anarchist Black Cross, kindly scanned in by the comrades at Centre international de recherches sur l'anarchisme (CIRA). With thanks to Kate Sharpley Library.

The Bulletin would become Black Flag from volume 2.

Direct Action #12 (1983)

Issue #12 of Direct Action, with articles on unemployment, a dispute at Aire Valley Yarns in West Yorkshire, industrial news, a report from an anarchist group in Poland, a report by Albert Meltzer from a CNT conference, reports on the anarchist movement in Japan, Italy and Ireland, a critique of letter bombs, a racist arson in Croydon, the eviction of a squatted peace centre in Sheffield, and more.

Social Revolution – Genuine Brand

An article from 1941 defining social revolution and the possibility of a revolutionary situation arising from the war.

Workers’ Control and the Wage System (Ideas: What is Anarcho-Syndicalism?)

When we declare our opposition to reformism, we do not mean that we oppose reforms, and obviously any crumb is better than no bread at all.

Speaking and Writing (Comment)

It's easier to deal with hecklers than people who criticise the written word.

Anarchist tactic for Palestine

British anarchist Albert Meltzer's commentary on the Britain-Israel-Palestine crisis circa 1939.

A new world in our hearts: the faces of Spanish anarchism

CNT members in Valencia, 1978

Book published in 1978 by Cienfuegos Press, edited by Albert Meltzer, giving an overview of the anarchist movement in Spain following the death of dictator General Franco.

The world scene from the libertarian point of view

A 1951 pamphlet produced by the Free Society Group of Chicago, the World scene from the libertarian point of view features 21 anarchists giving their outlook on international issues and anarchism's potential.

When Albert died (personal recollections)

Red and Black flags at Albert Meltzer's funeral - Col Longmore

Memories of Albert Meltzer's death, written for Bulletin of the KSL for the twentieth anniversary.

How Can a Real Revolution Be Achieved?

Black Flag organ of the Anarchist Black Cross magazine logo from the 1980s

Transcript of the opening remarks of a debate between Dick Donnelly (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) and Albert Meltzer (for Black Flag) taking place on 12 February 1987 at the Duke of York in London. Full audio recording also available online.