Russian Revolution 1917 - further reading guide

Libcom's guide to further reading around the subject of the Russian revolution and counter-revolution of 1917 to 1921.

The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-21 (WARNING: No work takes a more ideological and manufactured quality than histories of the Russian Revolution. Among the academics, Rosenberg, McAuley, Rabinowitch, Malle, Smith, Carr and Rigby have significant sympathies with the Bolsheviks; Medvedev, Fitzpatrick, Sirianni, Avrich, Sakwa, Remington, Aves, Lincoln, and Service are more critical, while Leggett, Figes and Shkliarevsky are openly right-wing. This is just a rough ideological guide for the unwary.)

10 Days That Shook the World - Reed
Year One of the Russian Revolution - Serge
History of the Russian Revolution - Trotsky
*The Unknown Revolution : 1917-1921 - Voline
*The Russian Revolution – Luxemburg
*Kronstadt 1917-1921 : The Fate of a Soviet Democracy - Israel Getzler
Forced Labour and Economic Development - S. Swianiewicz's
*Utopia in Power: The History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Present - Mikhail Heller/Aleksandr Nekrich
Lessons of October - Trotsky
The Russian Revolution, 1917-1921 - R. Kowalski
The Bolshevik Party in Conflict: The Left Communist Opposition of 1918 - R. Kowalski
The Russian Revolution - Marcel Liebman
Leninism Under Lenin – M. Liebman
The ABC's of Communism - Bukharin/Preobrazhensky
All Volumes for 1917 in Lenin's Collected Works
*The Petrograd Workers and The Fall of The Old Regime - D. Mandel
*The Petrograd Workers and The Soviet Seizure of Power - D. Mandel
*The Bolshevik Revolution, Vol. 1-3 - E.H. Carr
*The Workers Revolution in Russia - S. Smith
Red Petrograd: Revolution in The Factories, 1917-18 - S. Smith
The February Revolution: Petrograd, 1917 – T. Hasegawa
The Workers’ Revolution in Russia in 1917 – Kaiser, Ed.
Moscow Workers and the 1917 Revolution – D. Koenker
The Bolsheviks Come To Power - Rabinowich
Kronstadt and Petrograd - Raskolnikov
Lenin, 3 Vols. - T. Cliff
The Bolsheviks and the October Revolution: Minutes of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks), August 1917-February 1918 – A. Bonn, Ed.
Red Guards and Workers’ Militias in the Russian Revolution – R. Wade
Class Struggles in the USSR, 1917-1923 - Bettelheim
Red Victory - Lincoln
The Red Army - Wollenberg
The Bolsheviks in Power - Ilyin-Zhenevsky
Lenin's Moscow - Rosmer
Leninism Under Lenin - Marcel Liebman
The Russian Anarchists - Avrich
The Anarchism of Nestor Makhno - M. Palij
Nestor Makhno in the Russian Civil War - M. Malet
Civil War in Russia – D. Footman
Liberty Under the Soviets – R. Baldwin
The Bolshevik Revolution - R. Medvedev
Workers' Control and Socialist Democracy: The Soviet Experience - C. Sirianni
Economic and Industrial Democracy - Sirianni
Building Socialism in Soviet Russia - T. Remington
Party, State and Society in the Russian Civil War - Koenker
Labour in the Russian Revolution - G. Shkliarevsky
Lenin: A Political Life, 3 Vols. - R. Service
The Economic Organisation of War Communism - Malle
Bread and Justice; State and Society in Petrograd 1917-22 - M. McAuley
The Russian Revolution - R. Pipes
Resolutions and Decisions of the CPSU - R. McNeal
The Bolshevik Party in Conflict - R. Kowalski
Lenin's Government - T. Rigby
The Birth of the Propaganda State - P. Kenez
Red Guards and Workers' Militia - R. Wade
The Mensheviks after October - V. Brovkin
Behind the Front Lines of the Civil War - V. Brovkin
Soviet Communists in Power, a Study of Moscow - R. Sakwa
Bolshevik Festivals - J. Von Gelderen
Peasant Russia, Civil War - O. Figes
State within a State - E. Albats
The Cheka: Lenin's Political Police - G. Leggett
Bread and Authority in Russia, 1914-21 - Lih
Trotsky Reappraisal - T.Brotherstone
Workers against Lenin - J. Aves
Lenin and the Mensheviks - V. Broido
How the Revolution was Armed - B. Pearce
Our Own People - E. Poretsky
The Origins of the Gulag - M. Jakobson
The Origin of Forced Labour in the Soviet State - J. Bunyan
The Russian Revolution - S. Fitzpatrick
Russia in the Era of the NEP - Fitzpatrick
The Making of the Georgian Nation - G.Suny
Culture and Power in Revolutionary Russia - C. Read
Workers, Soviets - W. Chase
Collected Works - Lenin
The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky - Lenin
Terrorism and Communism - Trotsky
Social Democracy and the Wars of Intervention, 1918-1921 - Trotsky
Military Writings (5 Vols.) - Trotsky
Military Writings - Trotsky
Kronstadt - Lenin/Trotsky
Before Stalinism - Farber

Counter-revolution from Within
*The Bolsheviks and Workers Control - M. Brinton
*The Experience of the Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution - Jones
From Lenin to Stalin - Serge
The New Course - Trotsky
Revolution Betrayed - Trotsky
*State Capitalism and World Revolution – James
*The Marxist-Humanist Theory of State Capitalism - Dunayevskaya
The Workers' State, Thermidor, and Bonapartism - Trotsky's Writings, 1934-35
In Defense of Marxism - Trotsky
The Interregnum - E.H. Carr
Socialism in One Country, Vol. 1, 2, 3a, & 3b - E.H. Carr
Lenin: All Volumes from 1922-23 (Collected Works)
Lenin's Last Struggle – Lewin
Twenty Years After - Serge
The Third International After Lenin - Trotsky
Memoirs of A Revolutionary - Serge
Selected Writings on The Opposition in The USSR - Christian Rakovsky
Challenge of the Left Opposition, Vol. 1-3 - Trotsky
Documents of The 1923 Opposition
Platform of the Joint Opposition, 1927
Stalin School of Falsification - Trotsky
The Case of Leon Trotsky
Soviet Russia Masters The Comintern - Gruber
Foundations of a Planned Economy, Vol. 1-2 - E.H. Carr
Twilight of The Comintern - E.H. Carr
Class Struggles in The USSR, Vol. 1 & 2 - Bettelheim
Russian Peasants and Soviet Power - Lewin
Workers, Society and the Soviet State - W. J. Chase
Lenin, Vol. 4 - T. Cliff
Stalin - Trotsky
Stalin - Deutscher
The Time of Stalin - Antonov-Ovsyenko
The Fate of The Russian Revolution: Lost Texts of Critical Marxism, Vol. 1 – Matgamna, Ed.
State Capitalism in Russia - Tony Cliff
The Bureaucratic Revolution - Max Shactman

adapted from Chris Wright's Revolutionary reading guide